Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
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1 3/4 Inch Celtic Border Stencil

Buy this Full Line Stencil for an adjustable 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" wide Celtic knot border. It has a corner knot and a side knot that can be placed anywhere along the sides of a border strip. Turn the side knot left and right, while matching it to the lines that connect it to the corner knot to create a more complicated knotwork border design!

Use this mesh style stencil with a pounce pad containing chalk to mark hand or machine quilting lines, plus you can use fabric ink to stencil this design onto fabric.

This Celtic knot border design is one of the very versatile and unique designs Scarlett created for her quilt pattern, Celtic Circuits.

Please visit the Celtic Circuits Gallery to see this border as a stenciled design.


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