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This is Scarlett's second book, a continuation of her innovative Celtic designs.  The full color book has 160 pages, with full size patterns for eight wallhangings.  Scarlett included more variations, some for large quilts, using the patterns in the book.   For even more variety, the patterns are interchangeable with the patterns in Scarlett's landmark first book, Celtic Style Floral Appliqué. Since that book is also out of print, you can buy a gently used copy here or for some of the quilts, buy the individual patterns.

[Indian Summer - Changes]

Indian Summer - Changes
48" x 48"

This quilt was chosen for the cover of Scarlett's second book.  Actually, it's the second choice of her publisher. Scarlett wanted this one on the cover instead so she voiced her opinion.  Indian Summer - Changes is one of those projects that developed a mind of its own.  Scarlett had originally planned to use the center of this quilt with the border of Out of Darkness - Hope.  But, after completing the center and part of the border, she decided that she didn't like the two together.  The simplest solution was to make two out of one!  Lots more work, but Scarlett was happy with the finished results.  This quilt has won a second place and a Judge's Choice at Quilt Utah.

[Out of Darkness - Hope]

Out of Darkness - Hope
59" x 59"

Scarlett had to make a new center for this quilt.  She decided to change to black for the background and came up with a new border design.  Scarlett prefers not to make the same pattern twice!  The quilting is a combination of hand and machine stitching.  A friend, Betty McFadyen, did the hand quilting with gold metallic thread.  She quilted feathered plumes all over the top.  Scarlett machine quilted meandering lines to fill in the background around the feathers.

[Scarlett's Roses by Lois Love]

Lois Love of Ventura, CA made Scarlett's Roses.  She was willing to make a sample for this book, so Scarlett gave her the Celtic basket pattern to use.  She chose the colors and other patterns that are in the quilt.  The fan block is Albertine's Rose Climber and is from Elly Sienkiewicz's book The Best of Baltimore Beauties Vol. 1(ISBN 157120086X) which is still available through places like Amazon, if you want the pattern for the fan block.

[New Directions - New Beginnings]

New Directions - New Beginnings
63" x43"

This was the first quilt Scarlett made for her second book.  She used two block designs from her first book and created two abstract basket designs to fit to half of the original Celtic block designs.  Then Scarlett decided to make all the patterns from the first book interchangeable with this second book!  This wasn't originally what she intended, but since she seems to use a twelve inch square as the base of most of her Celtic knot designs, it worked out so well that it makes the amount of usable patterns available from both books a really good deal.

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