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Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
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Cover of the Imperial Knot book with pieced Celtic designs. More Celtic applique, pieced Celtic or Celtic quilt books!
Here are Celtic, and Celtic inspired, patchwork and applique books.
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Crossroads Cross
Written by Peg Bingham, this is a pieced cross quilt for Advent Season.
$ 10.00
Imperial Knot
Designed by Peg Bingham, this is a pieced Celtic quilt book.
$ 29.95
Love Knot and Interlaced Cross
Pieced Celtic quilts with a Ribbon Frame Border design, for making 10 different quilts.
$ 19.95
Lucky Labyrinth
Two pieced Celtic style designs featuring an oriental flavor: Lucky Labyrinth and Twin Twist.
$ 24.95
Persian Puzzle and Turkish Twist
Featuring a design with interlocking squares of color, this updated booklet is by Peg Bingham.
$ 24.95
Ribbon Wreath
A pieced Celtic knot medallion and floral applique design book, with several sizes of wallhangings and twin, full/queen and king size quilts.
$ 19.95
Triple Crown and Cross
A pieced Celtic instruction and pattern book with several designs.
$ 19.95
A booklet by Mace B. McEligot for making a stained glass style Angel with a Celtic knotwork border.
$ 10.00