A Celtic Rose Garden Gallery

The Celtic Rose block design is can be a virtual or in person workshop, as well as being the center design for a medallion quilt pattern.

Variations have been made into two more patterns for smaller quilts.

Supply List for A Celtic Rose Garden
Finished size 50" (127cm) square

For a pieced background:
1 1/4 yd ( 114cm) for large center area #1
1 3/4 yd (160cm) for border - #1 again, or a different background fabric #4
1/2 yd (46cm) for inside corner areas #2
1/2 yd (46cm) for outside corner areas #3
3 yds (2.75m) for background using only one fabric
Rest of fabric needed:
1/2 yd (46cm) for contrast inset or background #5 (yellow used in sample)
1/2 yd (46cm) each of 6 different dark green prints for bias strips
1/4 yd (23cm) of contrast green print for insets
1/2 yd (46cm) contrast color (print or stripe) for frame bias inside center block
and around border corners
1/2 yd (46cm) of cotton lamé for framing outside edge of center block and around border
1/4 yd (23cm) or fat quarter of 2 fabrics for roses (reds in sample or use your own choice)
3 yds (2.75m) for backing
1 1/2 yds (137cm) for binding and hanging sleeve
54” (137cm) square of batting
1/4” (6mm) bias bar for hand appliqué
OR 1/4” (6mm) fusible tape maker and 5mm fusible web for machine appliqué

Supply List for A Celtic Rainbow of Flowers
Finished size 38" (97cm) square

1 1/8 yd (103cm) of black for background
3/4 yd (69cm) of multicolor print for 1/2”(13mm) bias strips for framing the center block twice and for the binding
1/8 yd (12cm) each of four different colors for flowers (orange, purple, fuchsia and magenta)
1/2 yard (46cm) of a very large multicolor print or batik for 1/4” (6mm) bias and appliqued rays. (The bias and appliqued rays were fussy cut to get the different color combinations.)
1/8 yd of small green print or batik for leaves
1/4 yd, or fat quarter, of pink print for 1/4” (6mm) bias used as a frame inside the center block
1 1/2 yd (137cm) fabric for back and sleeve
Thread to match all colors for appliqué
1/4 inch (6mm) and 1/2 inch (13mm) bias bars







Supply List for A Celtic Spring
Finished size 34" (86cm) square

1 1/2 yd (137cm) of white on white print for background block and second border
3/8 yd (33cm) of yellow print for bias strips
1/4 yd (23cm) of dark purple print for first border and binding
Fat quarters or scraps of green/teal, purple, red and blue for flowers and bias strips. Four differ-ent prints in each color were used in the sample. There are two flowers of each color in the block
1 3/8 yd (127cm) fabric for back and sleeve
Thread to match all colors for hand appliqué
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar for hand appliqué










Lorraine Arndt of Oregon made the "A Celtic Spring" pattern several years ago.

Lorraine's Spring Garden quilt

Lorraine Arndt called her quilt "Spring Garden".

Lorraine's Spring Garden

Lorraine received a First Place at her local County Fair for this quilt!




Here are close-ups of several Celtic Rose blocks:

Block made by Ann of the Glendale Quilt Guild.

1-14-12 Ann of the Glendale Quilt Guild made this block from a workshop she took from Scarlett about 12 years ago!

Celtic Rose block, hand appliqued.

Here's the original hand appliqued Celtic Rose block, before the border was added.

3-D Celtic Rose block, hand appliqued.

This variation of the Celtic Rose block has three dimensional roses.

Celtic Rose block with alternate flowers, machine appliqued.

Here's a machine appliqued version, with a bud and flower combination instead of the roses.

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