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For pictures of the stenciled border designs or for the applique quilt. Please scroll down to see all the pictures.

Supply List for the Celtic Circuits quilt
Finished size 40" x 40" or 1 meter square
14" square or fat quarter printed muslin for center block
1st border - 1/4 yd (23cm) of yellow solid
2nd border - 1/4 yd (23cm) of light lavender solid
3rd border - ½ yd (46cm) of light blue solid
4th border - ½ yd (46cm) of green solid
5th border - 5/8 yd (57cm) of black solid
For bias strips:
1/4 yd (23cm) each of gold and medium blue solid
½ yd (46cm) each of medium lavender, green and pink solid
1 yard (91cm) of multicolor print or plaid
1 ½ yds (137cm) fabric for back and sleeve
½ yd (46cm) of black solid for binding
Thread to match all colors for appliqué
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar

These blocks were stenciled on fabric using the Full Line Stencil for the 1 3/4" Celtic Border Knot Design.

Stenciled and fabric marker block made with Full Line Stencil

A twelve inch block stenciled from the 1 3/4" Celtic Border Stencil. The 4 1/4" center knot is made from 4 of the border knot stenciled together. The 2 1/2" wide outer border is made from the corner knot and the side knot, turned out.

Smaller block with side knot turned each direction

Stained glass style coloring with fabric markers. This smaller block shows how the side knot can be turned to face in (sides and bottom) or turned out (top) along the border lines.

Have you made this quilt or used any of the Celtic Knots from this pattern in some way? Please email a picture of your quilt to Scarlett and it will be posted on the Celtic Circuits page. Scarlett will share your photos on social media. If you share your photos on social media, please tag @scarlettrosedesigner

Celtic Circuits center block in new fabrics]

October 2011 - Here's the center block of Celtic Circuits made in red, white & blue!

New version of Celtic Circuits quilt.

New Circuitry - 29 1/4" square

Here's the same 12" center block from the original quilt, but made with different insets and instead of having five narrow borders, it's been pieced together with right triangles twice before adding a straight border. The first set of triangles (in green print) have Celtic border corner #2 appliqued along the seam and the second set of triangles (a blue print) have Celtic border corner #4 appliqued in them. Where the two border designs intersect, the bias tape has been woven over and under, interlocking the two borders together. The 3" border of burgundy print was added to frame the whole quilt design. This is Scarlett's new class sample for the Celtic Circuits pattern. A bonus handout with yardages and instructions for this sample quilt is given only to students who take this class.

Corner design for New Circuitry

Here's a closeup of the Celtic border corner #4, showing the insets and the interweaving of the bias. The blue triangles were machine quilted in overlapping half circles.

Center block of New Circuitry.

Here's a closeup of the center block, showing the placement of the insets. The block was machine quilted in a loop the loop pattern and the green triangles were machine quilted with freemotion feathers.

Four of New Circuitry set together.

Without the last plain border, the New Circuitry design could also be set together like big blocks. Here's a copy and pasted version to show how this design would look set 2 X 2.

Here's a closeup of the center block in the original Celtic Circuits.

Closeup of center block in Celtic Circuits wallhanging.

Two colors of insets were used in this geometric block design. The quilting was done with metallic thread, to add a bit of sparkle to the quilt, especially in the borders.

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