Crystallized Celtic Gallery

Supply List for Crystallized Celtic quilt:
1 yd fabric for background
1 yd for border and binding
1 yd. large scale print for fussy cut insets (may require more yardage, depending on spacing between printed designs)
1/2 yd fabric for main color of bias, 1/4 yd for accent color of bias
1 1/4 yd for backing
44" square of batting
For making fusible bias for machine appliqué:
1/4" fusible tape maker
one roll of 5mm fusible web
invisible thread for machine appliqué
thread that matches the background fabric for the bobbin
mini iron or craft iron (for ironing down the bias more easily) and ironing pad or board
For making machine sewn bias for hand appliqué:
1/4" bias bar for pressing bias strips (metal preferred, for flatter bias strips)

March 2012 - Myrna Raglin made this wallhanging that she calls "Sue's Celtic"

Sue's Celtic wallhanging

From a one day class held on May 12, 2009, at JJ's Log Cabin quilt shop in Shingletown, CA.

Willie's deer wallhanging.

Willie's deer wallhanging in process.

Kay's roses and birds.

Kay's roses and birds, with all her fusible bias tape ironed down and ready for machine applique.

Lynn's project.

Lynn's black floral print with some of her fusible bias ironed down, laid out with the border design and border fabric.

From a two day workshop held on April 13 & 14, 2008 for the Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County in Sonora, California. This was an invisible machine applique workshop, where the students learned to make their own fusible bias tape. Since this was a two day workshop, most the students were able to do all their machine applique in class and finish their Crystal block. Border designs were discussed and possible fabrics chosen. The block design is from the Crystallized Celtic pattern.

Please be patient as the pictures load. Click here to see some Crystallized Celtic multiple block layout designs for larger quilts.

Marilyn's African theme crystal block.

Marilyn's Crystal block, made with African theme fabrics.
Her bias fabrics were a zebra stripe print and a solid black.

Nancy's dragonfly theme crystal block.

Nancy's Crystal block, made with a dragonfly focus fabric.
Her bias fabrics were a solid yellow and a green/blue hand dye.

Cheryl's asian theme Crystal block.

Cheryl's Crystal block with an Asian focus fabric.
Her bias fabrics were a dark purple and a purple batik.

Barabara's floral theme Crystal block.

Barbara's Crystal block with a floral focus fabric.
Her bias fabrics were a pink batik and a solid purple.


From A Quilter's Gathering in Nashua, New Hampshire, here are some students' blocks from a Nov. 9th 2007 hand applique workshop. Since it was a one day workshop, the students got their insets basted and made their bias tape in class, but didn't have time to start much of their hand applique. The block design is from the Crystallized Celtic pattern.

Sailing boats as insets.

Sailing boats

Orchids as insets.


Pastel flowers as insets.

Blue, pink & yellow flowers

Red flowers as insets.

Burgundy flowers

Red roses as insets.

Red roses (cut from a border print)

Wisteria as insets.


Golf prints as insets.

Golf emblems

Lobster and shell batiks as insets.

Lobster and seashell batiks

Paisley as insets.


Pansies as insets.


From the Pine Tree Quilt Guild in Grass Valley, California, here are some students' blocks from a Sept. 5, 2007 Crystallized Celtic workshop.

Batik block

African people batik

Elephant block


Feathers block


Orange flowers block

Country flowers

Parrots block


Pink and green block

Pink roses

Pink flowers block

Hummingbirds and flowers

Susie Ernest's block


Wisteria block


Trees block

Christmas trees

Medallions block

Ornate print

From the Applique Society's 2007 Quilt Show and Conference, held in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Memorial Day weekend, here are some of the blocks from the Crystallized Celtic workshop. This block is from the pattern, Crystallized Celtic. An all day class, it was held in a room that was one half of the main ballroom, so at 5pm sharp, we found everyone had to pack up and leave immediately so the hotel could set up for the evening dinner lectures. Needless to say, it made picture taking a bit rushed!

Christmas theme block.

Two students brought Christmas fabrics for this workshop, even though this workshop was held in May!

Another Christmas theme block.

Here's the other Christmas themed block.

An all batik block.

This is an all batik Crystallized Celtic block.

A Japanese theme block.

This block featured Japanese style prints.

Here are pictures of two variations for the Crystallized Celtic pattern that Scarlett has made herself.

This wallhanging was given to Michiko Shima of Osaka, Japan. It uses the Crystallized Celtic design set square, to show off pictures taken during Michiko's visit to Redding, California in 2004. The pictures were printed on photo transfer paper, which was ironed to a plain fabric used for the insets. A simple border was added instead of the Interlacing Lattice border.

Gold & Bronze Crystals wallhanging

Here is a rounded loop variation of the Crystallized Celtic design, featuring a beautiful brown/ violet/blue batik as the insets with a brown metallic fabric and a gold lame used for the bias. The border is made of basic mitered corner strips, with the gold lame bias appliqued over the seams. The Celtic knot was hand quilted in echoes and feathers were stitched inside the loops. Feather plumes were hand quilted in the border. The rounded inset templates for this variation are included in the Crystallized Celtic pattern.

Pictures of From The East To The West.

Scarlett's new Celtic quilt, From the East to the West, was in the competition at International Quilt Festival in November 2007. The quilt was entered in the new Digital Imagery category. Measuring 42" x 42 1/2", this quilt features inkjet printed images drawn by Allena Hail of Millville, California. The images are of anime style characters Allena created for the Western and Eastern Zodiacs. The quilt design is a variation of Crystallized Celtic. On the back of the quilt is an original story written by Heather Rose, Scarlett's niece. She also wrote the stories for The Tale of the Cat and for Peacock Mythos, the first quilt Scarlett made using inkjet printed fabric.

This quilt is one of five of Scarlett's quilts published in Quilter's Newsletter magazine. In this #409 April/May 2009 issue, Scarlett is featured in a two page Meeting Place article. Her niece Heather and their friend Allena are also mentioned in the article!

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