Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
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Danu block for Sashiko
Danu, Scarlett's Celtic knot design preprinted for sashiko.
Danu is a 14" square of 100% cotton fabric, printed with permanent white stitching lines for a sashiko style embroidery block. The Celtic knot design measures approximately 10" across. The markings on the dark blue fabric will not wash out and even applying heat to it directly will not remove the marks.

It is recommended that Sashiko thread or #5 pearl cotton thread be used for the stitching. No detailed instructions are given for the sashiko since the marked lines provide the spacing for basic running stitches. Suggested notions are listed inside the package.

After the stitching is completed, use this 14" square block featuring a Celtic design by Scarlett Rose, for quilts, tote bags, pillows, garments, etc. Since the design is 10", you may trim down the block size, if desired. This block may also be embroidered with stem stitch, twilling stitch or any other embroidery stitch that will cover the marked lines.

Please click on the picture to visit the Sashiko Gallery to see fabric color choices and stitched sample blocks.

Danu is the second design from the Legend of Merlin series by Scarlett Rose.


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