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Bill Harris of Wyoming made The Dragonfly into a stained glass window. He says "I did win a ribbon on the "Quilted Dragonfly" piece in our annual glass show the year I finished it.  The only change I made in the pattern (other than colors to match our bedroom colors where it hangs) is some minor changes to the dragonfly itself--I looked up dozens of dragonfly photos on the web and combined features of two or three, so it is not really based on any particular species."

Bill Harris' stained glass dragonfly

This popular pattern has been made by quilters and stained glass enthusiasts. Here are some pictures of the Dragon, done by both:

Stained glass panel of The Dragon.

Mary Anne Maslanka bought The Dragon, a stained glass quilt pattern by Three Swans Studio and modified it just so she could cut it in glass, and reduced it to just less than 5 feet long. The finished product has been delivered to an acupuncturist, who will hang it in the front window of his office. Mary Anne is pleased with the finished product. At her friend's request, she matched the original colors the best she could. There are 4 shades of red in the dragon, and 4 shades of blue in the background. Mary Anne used a deep red glass with a metalic coating for the border.


Another version of the Dragon quilt pattern.

Here's a quilted version, with a completely different color scheme.

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