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Half Inch Ticking Stripe Collection on Spoonflower

Use these half inch wide stripe prints for hand embroidery. Go for Scarlett's Bold Line Embroidery style and be inspired by her indigenous Japanese heritage or choose a style from your own ethnic heritage. Many cultures worldwide have their own very distinctive styles! Scarlett made Komebukuro Bags with her Ticking Stripe prints from Spoonflower. She chain stitched with white crochet cotton thread on all the ticking stripe prints. This style is available as a class that Scarlett can teach for your quilting, embroidery or sewing group, guild, event or shop.

Classic Blue Ticking Stripes for Komebukuro
Classic Blue Ticking Stripe squares with finished hand embroidery. A coordinating print was chosen for the bottom of the bag.
Classic Blue Komebukuro Bag
Completed Komebukuro Bag, ready for a drawstring. Each side shows a different Ticking Stripe print and has Bold Line Embroidery chain stitching with white crochet cotton thread.
Chocolate Brown Komebukuro Bag
This Chocolate Brown Ticking Stripe Komebukuro Bag was made from pieced right triangles of different ticking stripe prints, all in Chocolate Brown.
Chocolate Brown Komebukuro Bag
Here's another side of the Chocolate Brown Ticking Stripe Komebukuro Bag, showing more of the different stripe prints available in Chocolate Brown. The Bold Line Embroidery fills the space inbetween the printed stripes.
Hidden Desire Komebukuro Bag
This side shows the Collar Ticking Stripe in black on Hidden Desire background color.
See the complete Hidden Desire Ticking Stripe Collection.
Another side of the Hidden Desire Komeburkuro Bag
This side is the Flying Geese Stripe in white on the Hidden Desire background color.
See the complete Hidden Desire Ticking Stripe Collection.

Here are the Ancient Symbols design quilts

1- Spiral
Our Hearts Are Entwined for Ukraine

Our Hearts Are Entwined for Ukraine
17 inches by 40 inches
1st place winner in Advanced Hand Quilting - Small class of the Inter-Mountain Fair 2022
2nd place winner in Hand Quilted - Professional class of the Shasta District Fair 2022
Juried into Pacific International Quilt Festival 2022 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Scarlett's Celtic Goddess designs - Buy these patterns in Scarlett's Pattern Shop or please click on the link under each image to buy these hand embroidery patterns from Scarlett's Etsy Shop.


Aine is the first of nine Celtic goddesses for embroidery.

1 - Aine

Danu is the second Celtic Goddess in this series.

2 - Danu

Caer is the third of nine Celtic goddesses.

3 - Caer


4 - Olwen


5 - Latis


6 - Macha


7 - Fliodhais


8 - Wachilt


9 - Fachea


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