International Celtic Exhibits in Reno, Nevada on July 19th & 20th

and Redding, California on July 26th & 27th, 2003

Here are pictures of some of the Celtic quilts that were on display at these two Celtic exhibits. Please be patient as they load - there are many! If any of the pictures don't load, try right clicking on the blank square and then on "Show Picture".

The Celtic Exhibit in Reno, Nevada was part of the "Colors of Summer" quilt show held by the Creative Quilters of Nevada. They had several special exhibits included in their show and Scarlett was glad to be chairman of the Celtic quilt exhibit.

The International Celtic Exhibit in Redding was held at the KIXE Channel 9 Studio as a fund raiser for this local PBS station. All the quilts were taped for next year's Northstate Quilts 2004 program. Please view the Celtic Quilts episode on YouTube.

The Northstate Quilts 2003 program aired on August 21st at 8pm and featured the Sept. 11th quilts from the United We Quilt touring exhibit sponsored by the American Quilter's Society of Paducah, Kentucky. Please view the United We Quilt episode on YouTube.

The Song of the Celebration by Michiko Shima of Japan

This was one of four quilts that Michiko sent for the International Celtic Exhibits. It won the Viewer's Choice ribbon among all the Celtic quilts shown in Reno. Michiko and her son, Yuichiro, came to Redding to see the Celtic Exhibit!


Celtic Star by Angela Madden of England

This is one of three quilts that Angela sent for the International Celtic Exhibits.

Celtic Sampler II by Philomena Durcan of Sunnyvale, CA

This is one of four quilts that Philomena sent for the International Celtic Exhibits. Her booth at KIXE in Redding had even more of her Celtic quilts on display!

Here are two of Scarlett's quilts - Indian Summer: Changes and A Celtic Rose Garden, along with her Celtic Renaissance Costume. There were six of Scarlett's quilts in the exhibit.

My Cornish Heritage by Vivianne Bradley of North Carolina

Overhand Knots by Peg Bingham

This is one of four pieced Celtic quilts sent by Peg for the exihibits.

Celtic quilt by Joan Sayre of Chester, CA

This is one of two quilts that Joan entered in the exhibits.

Kokopelli Meets the Celts by Monna Walters of Susanville, CA

Celtic Wreath by Sue Uncapher of Ohio

A Celtic Dance dress made by Kate Nolan of New York, shown by KIXE exhibit docent Lynn. Kate sent two dresses for the exhibits.

Since Philomena Durcan was the guest artist at KIXE and also taught a workshop at Hokema's Sewing & Vacuum in Redding, the local newspaper, the Record Searchlight, did a wonderful article about the Celtic quilts.

Scarlett Rose, Michiko Shima and Philomena Durcan standing in front of Philomena's quilt. This picture was taken by Yuichiro, Michiko's son, in Sew Simple, a quilt shop in Redding, California on July 25th. Michiko visited quilt shops in Redding, Mt. Shasta and McCloud.

Other episodes of Northstate Quilts on YouTube are The Monkey Wrench Quilt Show and 2006: A Look Back.

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