Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
Welcome to Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More!
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Fire Stencil

Fire is Scarlett's Celtic full line stencil design for applique, quilting, embroidery, fabric stenciling & other uses. Fire is the first design from a set of four elements, all of them sized to fit 12" blocks or spaces when set square. This versatile design can be repeated or combined with the other knots in the series to make Celtic medallions and Celtic border designs.

Traditionally, this stencil is used with pounce pads containing chalk or powder. The stencil is made from a flexible nylon mesh and the open areas allow the powdered chalk to filter through easily, leaving a clear line with no breaks or bridges to figure out. It can also be used with fabric ink or thin fabric paint for permanently coloring fabric with this Celtic knot design. Please visit the Could It Be Magic Gallery to see blocks stencil painted with Fire using this art quilt technique!

Want to make a Celtic applique quilt using all Celtic knots? Have a look at the Could It Be Magic? pattern and see how fantastic all four of these designs look!


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