Friends & Adventures

Revised October 26, 2000

Now that I have a digital camera, I'm going to try to document special events with friends and some of my travels & adventures.

[Maltese Cross Cabin in Medora, ND]

This is the Maltese Cross cabin in Medora, North Dakota. The cabin belonged to Theodore Roosevelt before he became the 26th president of the US. I visited the cabin while I was teaching for the Badlands Quilters Retreat in Medora during mid-October 2000.

[Mary Peard and her new quilt]

Here's Mary Peard with her newest quilt in process.  She used the preprinted muslin that had an off-center log cabin design. Altogether, she had to make 64 blocks for this quilt!  Whew!!

[Mary's quilt - the whole thing!]

Here's the whole quilt! Mary has started piecing the blocks together - that's why there's space just below the first row. She's piecing four of the yellow/white log cabins together to form a bigger block.  The idea was for a high school sport to be pictured in  each of the white areas, but that will require some thinking to accomplish.

My friend, Kitty Pippen, is a member of the Annie Star Quilt Guild in Chico, CA.  Her new book, Quilting with Japanese Fabrics, just came out!  Mary Peard, Mollie Hall, Bette Lee Collins and I decided to go down to the Guild's meeting on July 6th and see Kitty. She had come down from Lake Almanor with a friend, who helped her sell books at the meeting.

[All of us with Kitty at the Annie Star Quilt Guild meeting]

I took the picture of everyone around Kitty, showing off her book! We made a visit to Honey Run Quilter, the quilt shop in Chico, had dinner and then showed up at the guild meeting.  Met old friends and made new ones - we even brought quilts for show and tell.

[Kitty and Scarlett at the meeting]

Here Kitty and I together - Bette Lee took this photograph - I think she's sold on the idea of a digital camera!

[TNT's Christmas 1999 group picture]

These are the TNT's, the small quilt group I that I have been a part of for over ten years.  Some are founding members like myself, others joined along the way.  We all enjoy getting together and sharing our quilting. This picture was taken at my house at our 1999 Christmas party.

Back row from left to right:
Linda Gibbs, Donna Jones, Cheryl Low, Claire Low, Mary Peard, Marlene Barnett, Bea Stone, Betty

Middle row from left to right:
Sharon Tennant, Martha Hilbert, Edy Goldsworthy, Judy Hafner

Front row from left to right:
Laurie Short, Scarlett Rose

Not Present at 1999 Christmas Party:
Kathy Mattox, Mary Harris, Halli Keller, Yolanda Stracner, Rose Marie Straw, Roberta McLaughlin

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