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A Workshop Series focusing quilting with a Green viewpoint
for all levels, taught by Scarlett Rose

Starting at Square One

Are you interested in learning Green (scrap) patchwork? Always wanted to try some quilting but didn't want to spend too much money?

This class is for all levels of experience. If you know some basic sewing and have a sewing machine, maybe tried some quilting on your own, or even if you're already an experienced quilter, this class will give you an introduction to the Green PATCHwork series by Scarlett Rose.

You'll discover the wide range of quilt designs that can be made using only squares!
After the opening presentation, choose among these patchwork styles: traditional, contemporary or art quilt.
Then begin the process of making your own Square One quilt, with the opportunity to trade scraps with other students.
There will be time for questions before the class ends with a presentation on how to finish your quilt, then a Show and Tell of your new project to share with the class the progress you've made.

Students will learn how to make a Square One quilt of their choice.
They will also learn about Scarlett's Green PATCHwork concept, specifically, and green quilting in general.

Rectangle Two


Triangle Three


Lecture Series

Quiltmaking from a Green Viewpoint

Quiltmaking has a long history of adapting to the needs, skills and income of those who want to make quilts.
Focusing on the current Green movement, this lecture will cover the general basics of finding and getting fabric, books or tools for making quilts.
Learn about and see what wonderful kinds of quilts can be made with a Green viewpoint!


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