Halloween 2003

My husband, Dan, really enjoys Halloween, so each year we decide how we want to decorate. In 2003, we planned a family Halloween party. Dan decorated our house and then took pictures of what our living room looked like for the party.

Here's the fireplace mantel at one end of the living room.

This display was on the right side of the fireplace.

This was the left side of the fireplace.

The ceiling had 110 paper bats stuck to it! My niece, Heather, helped cut out all of those paper bats and glued the wiggly eyes on all of them. The black drapes were stapled over our normal window treatment on the large front window to the left of the fireplace.

Here's what the right corner, near the fireplace, looked like in daylight.

Continuing to the right along the same wall as the previous picture, this display was on the other side of the television set, located in the middle of that wall.

Here's the corner of the living room that leads to the dining room (left archway) and the hall to my sewing room and computer room (right archway). The rest of the living room didn't have much decoration, since that space includes the front door. There were a couple chairs and a small table for a seating area along the last bit of wall space.

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