The Heart Circle Quilters Update 2005, 2007 & 2020
Quilts, quilt tops and blocks - custom printed fabrics

Since the 2004 retreat with Japanese quilters, Scarlett has been adapting these amazing blocks for her Circle of Hearts Spoonflower Collection. Please visit the Collection to see the gorgeous colorways!  Choose among several variations of blocks and types of fabrics for your own custom printed yardage from Scarlett's Collection.

Some of the Heart Circle quilters have worked on the friendship blocks that they received as part of the Retreat. Each American quilter made 12 blocks, trading one block with a Japanese quilter then trading the rest of their blocks with the other American quilters. One quilter has finished her quilt and two more have their tops done. Pictures of these, plus the blocks made by all the American quilters and some of the Japanese quilters, are shown below. Please be patient as the pictures load, since there are alot of them!

The block pattern used, with permission, for the friendship block exchange is the Heart Medallion block from "The Signature Quilt: Traditions, Techniques and The Signature Block Collection" by Pepper Cory & Susan McKelvey. Unfortunately, this book is out of print, but may still be available through Amazon, used book dealers or eBay.

Betty McFadyen of Cottonwood, California is the first quilter to finish her quilt. The Heart Wreath in the center was designed by Scarlett Rose, using the hearts and leaves from the friendship block. The pattern for this Heart Wreath was given to all the quilters, American and Japanese, who participated in the Heart Circle.

The American quilters exchanged charm squares as well as the friendship blocks, so Betty had pieces of the fabrics used in each of the blocks to put in this Heart Wreath.

Betty received Tomoyo Kitagawa's block in the friendship block exchange with the Japanese quilters.

Here's Betty McFadyen's block. Her friendship quilt is finished as of 2005!

Babs Robinson of Red Bluff, California has set her blocks together like this for her quilt top, in progress in 2005.

Bab's finished quilt Lattice Garden

Here's the finished quilt, Lattice Garden, as it was on display at the Sun Country Quilters' show in Red Bluff, CA on May 5 & 6, 2007.

Babs received Tashiko Sakamoto's block.

Here's Babs Robinson's block. Her friendship quilt is finished as of 2007!

This is the quilt top made in 2005 by Bette Lee Collins. She used the charm squares she received with the American blocks for the lattice of her quilt top, cutting them into strips.

Bette Lee's finished quilt Friends & Friendship Around the World.

Here's Bette Lee's finished quilt, Friends & Friendship Around the World, as it was on display at the Sun Country Quilters' show in Red Bluff, CA on May 5 & 6, 2007.

Bette Lee received Shizako Marayama's block.

Here's Bette Lee Collins' block. Her friendship quilt is finished as of 2007!

Here's the rest of the American friendship blocks:

Charlene Brians of Red Bluff, California

Kitty Conners of Anderson, California

Noma Hegseth of Weed, California

Pat Huckabay of Red Bluff, California

Jean Keyes of Redding, California

Roberta Merkle of Redding, California

Heather Rose of Shasta Lake City, California

Scarlett Rose of Anderson, California

Laurie Short of Redding, California. The Poet Laureate of the Heart Circle!

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