Houston 2007

Scarlett's new Celtic quilt, From the East to the West, was in competition at International Quilt Festival in November 2007. The quilt was entered in the new Digital Imagery category.

Picture of the quilt, From The East to The West

From the East to the West

42" x 42 1/2"

This quilt features inkjet printed images drawn by Allena Hail of Millville, California. The images are of anime style characters Allena created for the Western and Eastern Zodiacs. The quilt design is a variation of Crystallized Celtic, a Celtic applique pattern by Scarlett. On the back of the quilt is an original story written by Heather Rose, Scarlett's niece. She also wrote the stories for The Tale of the Cat and for Peacock Mythos, the first quilt Scarlett made using inkjet printed fabric.

"From The East To The West" is one of five of Scarlett's quilts published in Quilter's Newsletter magazine. In this #409 April/May 2009 issue, Scarlett is featured in a two page Meeting Place article. Her niece Heather and their friend Allena are also mentioned in the article!

Close up of Capricorn in From the East to the West.

Here's a closeup of Capricorn, from the Western Zodiac. On the far right is the Horse, from the Eastern Zodiac. The other anime style characters featured in this quilt are Cancer and Leo from the Western Zodiac and the Rooster from the Eastern Zodiac.

Picture of The Tale of the Cat.

The Tale of the Cat

48 1/2" x 49 1/2"

This quilt was included in the Fabled Fibers special exhibit, which premiered at International Quilt Festival. Next, the exhibit will travel to a show in Fayetteville, NC and to the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 2008. All 12 characters from the Eastern Zodiac, plus the cat, are shown, along with a modern version of the Chinese folktale of why the cat isn't a member of the zodiac. The images and story were inkjet printed on fabric.

Closeup of The Tale of the Cat.

Here's a closeup of the center of the quilt, showing the Dragon and the story surrounding him. To hear Heather read her story "The Tale of the Cat" , a 3.54MB mp3 file that runs 7:17 minutes, you can either click on the link and allow it to play directly or use your right click and choose to "Save Target As" to save the mp3 file to your computer. This audio file is of the complete story of "The Tale of the Cat" as it appears on the quilt. This file is available with permission from Lorraine Dechter of KFPR - Northstate Public Radio of Redding, California.

The Houston Chronicle had a video clip on their site that includes a short segment of Scarlett talking about this quilt! She was interviewed during Quilt Festival, when the cameraperson ran across her at the exhibit.

There were 3 quilts at Houston this year that included some Celtic interlace elements and two of them won awards! Here are the quilts:

Noriko Kido's quilt.

When You Wish Upon a Star by Noriko Kido of Nagoya, Japan won 3rd place in the Handmade category for hand appliqued, hand pieced and hand quilted quilts!

Valli Schiller's quilt.

Here's Valli Schiller with her quilt, Mamaw's Puzzle, which won 1st place in the Traditional Pieced category. Why is this quilt here? Look below at the closeup:

Closeup of Valli's quilt.

Valli used Celtic knotwork in her quilting, with the interlace traveling from one place to another, giving the appearance of continuity in the design.

Barb Broshous' quilt.

Twilight Glow by Barb Broshous was in the Teachers' Gallery section of the quilt show. The description card didn't say what classes she taught, but this quilt was shown as an example of her work.

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