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Last updated November 26, 2020

Supply List for Celtic Medallion I
Finished size 40" (102cm) square
1 3/4 yd (1.6m) of solid yellow for background and binding
½ yd (46cm) of leaves and bias strips:
Solid light green
Solid medium green
Solid dark green
Marbled green
1/4 yd (23cm) of gold tricot or cotton lamé for insets
1 1/2 yard (1.4m) of for backing and hanging sleeve
1/4 yd (23cm) of the following for flowers:
Solid lavender
Solid light purple
Solid dark purple
Purple tricot or cotton lamé
Marbled purple
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar
Supply List for Celtic Medallion II
Finished size 40" (102cm) square
Fabric (45” or 1.14m wide:
1 1/4 yards (1.14m) of light gray for background
1 1/2 yards (1.4m) for backing and hanging sleeve
1/2 yard (46cm) of solid black for bias strips and binding
1/4 yard (23 cm) of each of the following colors:
silver tricot or cotton lame´
solid medium green
marbled green
solid medium red
solid dark red
marbled red
red tricot or cotton lame´
small print black
black tricot or cotton lame´
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar

Supply List for Celtic Medallion III
Finished size 40" (102cm) square
1 1/4 yd (1.14m) of solid light blue for background
1/2 yd (46cm) of solid dark pink for flowers and binding
1/2 yd (46cm) of blue tricot or cotton lamé for bias strips and piping
1 1/2 yard (1.4m) of for backing and hanging sleeve
1/4 yd (23cm) of the following:
Solid medium blue
Marbled blue
Solid medium green
Medium pink chintz
Marbled pink
Solid neon pink
4 1/2 yds (407cm) of cording for making your own piping
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar


Supply List for Celtic Medallion IV
Finished size 40" (102cm) square
1 1/4 yd (1.14m) of periwinkle for background
1 3/4 yard (1.6m) of fabric for leaves, backing, binding and hanging sleeve
1/2 yd (46cm) of each of the following colors for bias strips:
Solid light-medium green
Solid medium green
1/4 yd (23cm) of the following colors for bias strips, insets and flowers:
Solid medium red
Solid orange
Marbled orange
Orange print
Marbled periwinkle
Yellow print
Solid light green
1/4 inch (6mm) bias bar

Here are quilts that were made from the Celtic Medallion series of 40" quilt patterns: Celtic Medallion I, Celtic Medallion II, Celtic Medallion III & Celtic Medallion IV, which now include the 90" bed size quilt versions of each design. See what these talented quilters have done with these fabulous patterns!

Celtic Medallion I

[Sue Smith's First Place winning quilt]

Sue Smith with her First Place winning quilt.

Color picture of hand appliqued corner.

Closeup of one corner showing hand applique and machine quilting.

Close up of machine quilting.

Closeup showing hand appliqued bias and machine quilting.

Sue Smith's Celtic Medallion I quilt.

Another closeup of Sue's hand applique and Joellen's machine quilting.

Sue Smith hand appliqued my Celtic Medallion I quilt pattern and her quilt won First Place in the Wall Quilt Applique - Machine Quilted, movable computerized category at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts show in Sylvania, Ohio on July 12 & 13, 2019. The machine quilting was done by Joellen Kiser.

[Joann Stuebing's quilt for her daughter]

Joann Stuebing of Grants Pass, OR, made this quilt for her daughter Carrielyn as a wedding present. It's hand appliquéd and hand quilted and it was completed in 1999. The Celtic border and lattice is from a bed size variation called Interlace on Point. The layout diagram and templates for Interlace on Point are included in Celtic Medallion. Joann made this quilt as a sampler, so the Celtic blocks are all different and are all from Celtic Style Floral Applique.

Celtic Medallion II

Christine Linder's Celtic Medallion quilt.

Christine Linder' version left the flowers out of the border knotwork of Celtic Medallion II.

Closeup of Christine Linder's quilt.

Christine used different colors for the flowers, instead of making them all the same.

Celtic Medallion III

Celtic Windows quilt 

This picture was provided by, and used with permission from, the QGNSW.

The 4th prize winner in the Predominately Applique (Amateur) category for the 2007 Quilters' Guild of New South Wales, Australia, quilt show is Celtic Windows by Beverley Hunter. The Celtic border and lattice design is called Celtic Wedding Rings (Interlace in the Round). The layout diagram for Celtic Wedding Rings is available in Celtic Medallion III. The pattern contains the knotwork border and circular interlace templates, readily adaptable to make a 90" (2.3m) quilt, but does not have the applique baskets pictured here. Those were added by Beverley Hunter.

Nancy Ehinger of West Branch, Michigan chose the Celtic Wedding Rings design as the quilt that she wanted her friends to help make for her! This Celtic border and lattice design is one that Scarlett drew up as a layout diagram only, since it is a larger, bed-sized version of Celtic Medallion III. Nancy's is the first finished quilt that Scarlett has seen from this diagram, which was titled the Celtic Wedding Rings, because of the circular lattice between the blocks. Here's a close up of the quilt, showing some of the fabulous hand quilting:

The mottled background fabric is wonderful! The colors Nancy chose for this design really make this quilt a knockout. Instead of Celtic block #1, Nancy used Celtic block #7 in her quilt.

Here is Celtic block #1, the center of Celtic Medallion III, shown in different colorways:

Color picture of quilt block.

Printed muslin with green, dark and medium pink fabrics.

Color picture of quilt block.

Pale lavender with teal, light and dark purple fabrics.

Fran Rufener's Celtic pillow.

Fran Rufener used the block in a pillow.

Krys Munzing's Celtic pillow.

Krys Munzing's pillow project.

Celtic Medallion IV

Kitty Pippen's Japanese version of Celtic Medallion IV border knot.

Kitty Pippen of Chico, CA, made this wallhanging using the large knot from the border of Celtic Medallion IV. She chose a beautiful yukata print for the background and made her bias from indigo fabric. The border of the wallhanging is her design, with some sashiko stitching at the top and bottom. She finished it in October 2010. Kitty is the author of Quilting with Japanese Fabrics and co-author of Asian Elegance with her daughter Sylvia, who also wrote Paradise Stitched. If you're interested in their books, here are links to Amazon.com for Quilting With Japanese Fabrics and Paradise Stitched--Sashiko & Applique Quilts.

Elizabeth's Celtic Medallion IV quilt

"It is all hand-appliqued and hand-quilted. If I remember correctly, I chose the dark blue background after seeing many applique quilts done on dark backgrounds with brightly colored appliques. I especially like those of Patricia Campbell in her Jacobean designs. Then, I followed the wisdom of Joen Wolfrom in her book Color Play in choosing the colors of the knotwork and flowers. In the hand quilting, I quilted around all the designs, then did a basic gridwork all over. It was hard to do anything else because of the diagonal lines in the design itself. The project was a real joy to work on."

Elizabeth from Wyckoff, New Jersey made this dark blue variation of the Celtic Medallion IV pattern.

Floral Celtic by Donna E. Johnson

#516 - Floral Celtic by Donna E. Johnson of Naples, FL.

This quilt won two awards! It received an Honorable Mention in the 500 - Non-professional Hand Applique - Large category and the Most Innovative Use of Design award at the 2005 Applique Society show. All the original designs, adaptable to the version shown here, are in Celtic Style Floral Applique by Scarlett Rose. Most of the Celtic border is adapted from the border in Celtic Medallion IV.

Full color picture of Dragon's Walk by DJ Berger.

Dragon's Walk by DJ Berger of Santa Rosa, CA. This quilt was in Pacific International Quilt Festival 2002. Most of the Celtic border is adapted from the border in Celtic Medallion IV, with the corner knotwork of Celtic Medallion II.

Closeup of Dragon's Walk.

Here's a closeup of the border, showing the detail of the design from Celtic Medallion IV.

Sara Cates' Celtic Medallion IV quilt.

Sara Cates made Celtic Medallion IV for the AQS Flower Contest some years ago. She didn't use any insets in the design, but did use different quilting motifs to set off the spaces where insets usually are.

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