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Scarlett taught two classes, one featuring the Interlaced Crane design and another the Celtic Star block. Here's Scarlett with the full size quilts for the classes: At The Water's Edge has three sizes of cranes and A Celtic Star is Born, with the star as the center medallion.

After walking past all the quilts, to the far side of the Dome, the entrance to the classrooms had signs listing all the information about the classes offered.

Just through the doors, masking tape arrows on the floor showed you the way through the maze of corridors located underneath the seats of the Dome. Right, left, right, until you came the correct classroom! Scarlett's were all red lettered, with other classes marked in different colors.

These are the students of Scarlett's Interlaced Crane class.

And here's the Celtic Star class.

On Saturday, Scarlett did a Gallery Walk, going around and talking about each of her quilts to a very large crowd of quilters.

Scarlett made a new blouse featuring her Celtic Star design, reducing the size of the star to about 5 inches across.

After the two days spent at the show, Scarlett and her group were taken by tour bus to Kyoto, along with a group of 14 Japanese quilters, to visit some of the temples there. A very delightful surprise was revealed, as a stop to a traditional Japanese restaurant was made for an incredible lunch.

The first temple visited was Jonan-Gu Shrine.

This shrine has a great sign with information about it in four languages.

Here's a close-up of the English part of the sign.

There were several beautiful buildings located in the shrine, and a matching set of foo dogs on guard. Here's one of the dogs.

While it was too early to see more than a few cherry blossoms, Jonan-Gu did have lots of plum blossoms in all their glory. They came in several colors, making quite an impact as you walked along the paths. Here's Heather trying to take a picture, as Scarlett gets a picture of her with the plum blossoms.

Time for lunch!

As everyone was getting off the bus parked next to the restaurant, a taxi was seen driving up the front of the Seiwasou Restaurant. Much fuss was made as two beautifully dressed up Meiko (what most Americans would call Geisha) got out. Meiko are apprentice Geiko (or Geisha), who are under the age of 20.

To everyone's delight, these two Meiko attended our lunch, entertaining each of us in turn with conversation, as well as pouring drinks.

Both Meiko were very willing to pose for pictures, so there was some breaks during lunch for picture-taking.

They also danced for us!

Thanks to Michiyo (far left, back row), here's a picture of the whole group of quilters, along with the Meiko.

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