Pacific International Quilt Festival 2002

The 2002 PIQF show was spectacular! Here's some pictures that Scarlett took of Celtic quilts or quilts that had bias strips used in part of their design. Please be patient as they load - they are large files so the detail can be seen.


Dragon's Walk by DJ Berger of Santa Rosa, California

No size given, but appeared to be queen/king size.

This quilt was made for DJ's son Marc, on his graduation from UC Santa Cruz. His friend John Erskine drew the Celtic dragon, which DJ adapted for this quilt. Most of the Celtic border is adapted from the border design in Celtic Medallion IV, which available as a pattern and e-pattern, and with the corner of the border from Celtic Medallion II, which is available as a printed pattern or as an e-pattern.

Here's a closeup of the border and part of the dragon design.

Here's a closeup of the dragon, with its own celtic design.

The Traditional Touch by Joyce Dawe of England

70" square

This quilt was featured in a special exhibit of Joyce Dawe's quilts.

Here's a closeup of the Celtic border in Joyce's quilt.

Carousel by Joyce Dawe of England

60" x 63"

This design has bias strips around the drop shapes and the center shape. Joyce made the bias strips herself.

Mandala by Robyn Parkinson of New Zealand.

44" square

Robyn made the bias strips for this design.

Nutcracker by Kathy McNeil of Marysville, Washington.

67" x 82"

This quilt has bias strips around the border, across the middle and a Celtic knot down between the Nutcracker and Mouse King.


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