Celtic Renaissance Costumes

My fancy Celtic Renaissance costume won Honorable Mention in the 1999 Sulky Challenge! Now I wear it to any Faire that I attend, Celtic or Elizabethan. At the 2000 Renaissance Festival and Jousting Tournament, I wore a more basic outfit since my fancy costume was still on tour with the Sulky of America show.

For the first Renaissance Festival and Jousting Tournament held in Redding, CA in May 1999, I made a Celtic Renaissance costume, decorating it using a Babylock Esante embroidery machine courtesy of Hokema's, 2736 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA 96002, 530-223-1970 or 800-655-4371, email to HHokema@Snowcrest.net.  The corduroy (skirts) and batiste (leine or shirt) came from The Fabric & Yarn Connection, a shop that is no longer in business.

Here's the front of my complete costume.

[Scarlett's costume]

Here's a closeup of the back of my costume.

[back of Scarlett's costume]

My husband, Dan, wore a great kilt and a leine (shirt).

[Dan in his costume]

I used the same leine (shirt) pattern for him as I had used for myself.  Back then, some clothes were unisex, so I could do this and be authentic.

[Dan and I in costume]

Here's where the Festival was held, at Northwoods Castle, otherwise known as the Redding Convention Center.

[Northwoods Castle]

Dan and I were members of the Shasta Celtic Society at the time, so we worked at the Society's tent both days.  Our group has bagpipers and country dancers, so they performed at scheduled times.  The bagpipers led the Queen's parade on Saturday.

[Shasta Celtic Society's tent]

Queen Elizabeth is portrayed by the woman in the middle of this picture, wearing the purple overdress with white sleeves and underskirt.

[Good Queen Bess!]

Some of the Queen's courtiers and other well-dressed folks.


Some well-to-do folks taking a rest and some refreshments.

[Grandpa, Grandma and Granddaughter]

A very authentic looking tent, with armor laying out front.

[Armorer's tent]

The knights on their horses, ready to start jousting.

[The knights on their horses]

Two knights jousting!  I didn't watch the tournament, so I don't know who won!!


The weather was a bit too hot, but other than that, we had a great time.  Next year's Festival is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.  Dan and I may wind up going to other faires so we can wear our costumes!  We may also wear them to Celtic Society functions, such as concerts, etc., when it's cooler!

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