Scarlett's Achievements, Awards and Reviews

Scarlett Rose started quilting in 1976 and teaching in 1986. She began quilt judging in the early 90's and she has been using Zoom for her lectures and classes since 2020. Scarlett teaches for quilt guilds, shops and conferences throughout the United States and has taught twice in Japan, in Nagoya in 2002 and Osaka at the International Quilt Week 2006. While specializing in Celtic designs for appliqué, hand embroidery, sashiko and crayoning, Scarlett also designs scrap quilts, friendship quilts and foundation pieced quilts that are modern innovations on classic patchwork patterns and ancient symbols. Drawing on her cultural heritage, she combines asian influences with her hand embroidery and knotwork design. Besides her contemporary appliqué and patchwork quilts, Scarlett has also designed unique her own fabric prints, wearable art, art quilts and modern quilts.

Please download her current workshop and lecture brochure for more detailed information. Please click on Reviews to see what people have said about her lectures or workshops. Scarlett lectures and teaches by Zoom and in-person for guilds and conferences worldwide.

Scarlett taught her Modular Celtic workshop at the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA in 2014. She taught three Celtic workshops for "Applique in Tampa Bay", the 2007 Applique Society conference held in Tampa Bay, Florida and "California in Bloom", the 2003 Applique Society conference held in Sacramento, California, where she also was one of the three quilt judges for each conference. In 2000, she taught at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia and at the Quilter's Heritage Celebration in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1998, Scarlett taught at the American Quilters' Society show in Paducah, Kentucky. She also taught online at Quilt Campus for several years. See the listing below for where Scarlett has taught and lectured over the years.

Scarlett has judged at district fairs and county fairs throughout northern California since the early 1990's and has judged at the Applique Society's national quilt show twice. She continually updates her knowledge of quilt techniques and styles, also assisting with judging events to keep herself current with appropriate quilt styles and procedures.

Scarlett is the Producer of Northstate Quilts 2002, Co-Producer of Northstate Quilts 2005, 2004 and 2001, and Associate Producer for Northstate Quilts 2000. Northstate Quilts was a yearly quilt program on KIXE - Channel 9 of Redding, CA, the local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) station in her area. For the first program, Scarlett was a volunteer aide for Northstate Quilts 1999. See the Celtic Quilts, United We Quilt, Monkey Wrench Quilts and 2006: A Look Back episodes on YouTube. If you use the PBS app on your smart TV, you can access these programs through their app and stream them directly through your TV.

There are two books that Scarlett has authored, Celtic Style Floral Appliqué and Baskets: Celtic Style, both published by the American Quilter's Society of Paducah, KY in 1995 and 1997.  Both books are out of print, but can be found online through used book dealers or gently used copies of Baskets: Celtic Style and Celtic Style Floral Applique can be purchased from Scarlett. Scarlett has two quilt designs that were published in Great American Quilts 1993 by Oxmoor House.  She has had 3 original design blocks published in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine and in Quiltmaker's 1000 Quilt Blocks book on pages 22, 53 and 173. The blocks are #508-Merlin's Keystone, #249-Patience Puzzle and #114-Nucleus.

Achievements, Awards, Shows and Published Works

Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More currently publishes a full line of Celtic applique, modern bias applique, modular foundation paperpiecing and patchwork digital patterns. Please email Scarlett for details or questions.

2023 - Scarlett's quilt, Celtic Fields, was accepted to the International Quilt Market in October and International Quilt Festival this November for their Hands All Around Special Exhibit. This quilt will also go to their Long Beach Quilt Festival in the summer of 2024.

2023 - Eight of Scarlett's signature quilts, round robin quilts and 8 of her grandmother's vintage quilts have been added to the California Heritage Quilt Project Collection on Quilt Index. Scarlett is a board member of CHQP, which is resuming its mission to document quilts and quiltmakers of California. The Quilt Index is accepting online submissions of quilts by individuals. Scarlett is currently training to assist California quilters and quilt owners/collectors on how to enter their own quilts or quilt collections.

2022 - Scarlett designed a fabulous new Collection of Spoonflower prints inspired by the classic pillow ticking stripe fabric popular with hand embroiderers for samplers, purses and totes. Scarlett's Ticking Stripe Collection is full of colorful half inch wide stripes in a wide array of patterns that are perfect for hand embroidery. Other sizes of her Ticking Stripes are available.

2022 - Scarlett accepted an invitation to become a Board member of the California Heritage Quilt Project. Oral histories are also recorded and stored in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley and the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Now in partnership with the Quilt Index, CHQP will upload photos and information about all the incredible California quilts and quiltmakers to their Collection. The California Sesquincentennial Quilt is in the California History Museum of Sacramento.

2022 - Scarlett introduces her new series of Ancient Symbols patterns for hand embroidery with the first pattern, Hearts Entwined.

2022 - The 9 Celtic Goddesses series is being Bold Line chain stitched by hand, with other embroidery stitches as filler. The patterns are being relaunched with new covers as they are finished. These beautiful Celtic knots can be ordered on all kinds of fabrics as glorious full color prints through Scarlett's Spoonflower Shop!

2021 - Scarlett's quilt, Marie's Wreath, wins Best of Show in the Holiday Quilts category at the Fall Festival by Grace Frame Company.

2021 - Scarlett and her hand quilted patchwork panel print, Starry Wedding Rings, was featured on Spoonflower's Inspiring Us section (near bottom of front page) for the full year of 2021.

2021 - Scarlett was interviewed by Paula Chamberlain of A Quilter's Life for her podcast series. Listen or download the interview. Links to all Scarlett's sites are on the podcast page.

2021 - Scarlett's modular foundation paperpieced block series, Hearts & Homes, expands with Hearts & Trees and Hearts & Yards patterns. These blocks can build a village, town or park of your imagination. Please visit her Etsy Shop to see all these incredible patterns.

2020 - Scarlett begins giving virtual lectures and workshops through Zoom for guilds, groups and events worldwide. She is a member of the Global Quilt Connection.

2020 - For her niece Ami's September wedding, Scarlett made a modern style wedding dress from a vintage Japanese wedding kimono. A bride's mask was included!

2020 - Scarlett's Celtic & More Etsy Shop features her newest digital patterns! The Mayflower paperpieced pattern celebrates the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower in America. Hearts & Homes are a modular foundation paperpieced block series of 4 inch houses with interchangeable parts. Please visit her shop to see all the FPP, applique and patchwork digital patterns, Sashiko preprinted blocks and bias bar sets.

2019 - Scarlett's friendship quilt, Carrie's Roosters, wins the Best Hand Stitched Quilt plaque at the Inter-Mountain Fair in McArthur, CA.

2019 - Scarlett opens her Zazzle Shop with products featuring her Celtic and patchwork prints.

2019 - Scarlett is on Instagram at @scarlettrosedesigner

2018 - Scarlett opens her Celtic & More Shop on Spoonflower. She is selling her incredible modern prints, pillow ticking stripes, Celtic knots and continuous patchwork designs as fabric prints on fabrics ranging from cottons (Kona, denim), linen, knits, minky, fleece, linen to upholstery velvet. All these prints are perfect for clothing, bedspreads, quilts, wallhangings, pillows, any home decor and all other craft uses such as tote bags, purses, backpacks, etc.

2017 - Featured Artist at the McCloud Vintage Quilt Show in McCloud, CA. Scarlett presented her Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories lecture in the afternoon to show attendees.

2016 - Scarlett's quilt, Remember Who You Are, is accepted for the Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabrics Lion King Challenge. Her quilt is in the full color book published by Cherrywood, which features the 138 Lion King Challenge quilts that were juried from 304 entries. The Challenge exhibit, made up of 120 quilts, traveled for almost 2 years to 24 quilt shows and events. Some of the shows were:

Oct 12-15 2017 - Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA. Scarlett participated in the Quilt Artist book signing event sponsored by Cherrywood Fabrics.

November 2017 - Disney selected 24 quilts that were displayed at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway, New York City, NY for the 20th anniversary of the musical

January 5-27, 2018 Womans Art Club Cultural Center (The Barn), Mariemont, Ohio

February 14-17, 2018 Las Colcheras Quilt Show, Las Cruces, New Mexico

2016 - Scarlett's art quilt, Arianrhod, is accepted for E Pluribus Unum: Let the Healing Begin, a special exhibit curated by Ann Flaherty.

2016 - Scarlett's art quilt, Phoenix Flight, is accepted for the Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding Challenge, Birds of a Feather. This special exhibit debuted at the Quilter's Sew-Ciety quilt show on April 22-24 2016at the Shasta District Fairgrounds, Anderson, CA before touring around the USA at 9 quilt shows and conferences through 2017.

2016 - Scarlett's art quilt, Bad Moon Rising, is accepted for Fly Me to the Moon, a special exhibit curated by Susanne Miller Jones, commemorating the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. The Fly Me to the Moon: An Art Quilt Journey exhibit book was published 2017 and all the quilts in this spectacular collection are included. This exhibit is planned to tour nationally and internationally in over 2 dozen locations, through 2019. More venues may be added, but of March 2018, the schedule is:

May 11 – 22, 2018: Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Germany - 90 quilts will be exhibited
May 22- September 8, 2018: Virginia Quilt Museum - 100 quilts
June 15- September 4, 2018: National Quilt Museum - 44 quilts
August 9-12, 2018: Birmingham Festival of Quilts - 35 quilts
September 20 – 22, 2018: Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, Cincinnati, OH - 79 Quilts
September 27 – 29, 2018: Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, Fredericksburg, VA - 79 Quilts
October 10 – December 13, 2018: Apollo 7 & 8 50th Anniversary Exhibit NASA Johnson Space Center - 12 Quilts
November 15 – 17, 2018: Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, Novi, MI (Detroit) - 79 Quilts
February, 2019: Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival - All quilts
April, 2019: New Jersey Mancuso Show - All quilts
May 3-5, 2019 – Sinnissippi Quilt Show, Rockford, Illinois - 50 quilts

2015 - Scarlett's quilt, Brigid & Her Fairy Cows, is accepted for competition at Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA.

2015 - Scarlett's block of the month series with 9 patterns, the Elemental Spirits, is published. The complete BOM pattern set is $50 (save $$).

2015 - Watch these quilting videos on YouTube! Scarlett is excited to share some of the Northstate Quilts programs she co-produced with KIXE, her local PBS station in Northern California. See the Celtic Quilts, United We Quilt, Monkey Wrench Quilts and 2006: A Look Back episodes.

2015 - Scarlett's quilt, "Defying Gravity" is published in Cherrywood's book on the 2014 Wicked Challenge. The Wicked Challenge toured to quilt conferences throughout the USA during 2015.

2014 - Scarlett received a First Place award as a designer in the JFashion Runway show at SacAnime in Sacramento, CA. Scarlett entered her wedding kimonos modeled by her niece Heather Rose, a Matron of Honor kimono that Scarlett modeled herself and a bridesmaid's kimono with a matching blouse and skirt modeled by her great niece Whitney Cain, as a group entry. She received a trophy and a $50 JoAnn's gift card. Dragon's Anime filmed the whole JFashion Runway show with a great front view! Scarlett's Japanese Theme Wedding Redux is towards the end of the video at about 12:05, but is definitely worth the wait! An article with full color pictures of the winners of the JFashion Runway event has appeared in Pretty in Petticoats, Vol.2, No. 3. This fashion magazine is aimed at Lolita cosplayers and is available at
#japanesewedding #scarlettrose #weddingkimono

2014 - Scarlett's quilt, "Defying Gravity", is one of 96 quilts chosen for the Cherrywood Fabrics' Wicked Challenge. There were 24 finalists, with 72 more quilts added to make the total of 96 quilts selected to tour for the next year. Scarlett's niece, Heather Rose, was one of the top 24 finalists with her quilt, The Emerald Thief.

2014 - Two of Scarlett's quilts, Celtic Medallion II and A Celtic Rose Garden, are published in 500 Traditional Quilts by Karey Bresenhan in September. A Celtic Rose Garden is invited to be in the 500 Traditional Quilts special exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX on Oct. 30th thru Nov. 2nd, then to travel to other International Quilt Festivals around the USA for 2015. #500traditionalquilts

2014 - Scarlett is featured as one of four guest artists at the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA. She taught one workshop, Modular Celtic.

2013 - Expanding her product line of preprinted fabric blocks, Scarlett is custom printing the Celtic knots of The Legend of Merlin series for hand embroidery, with a range of color choices for each knot.

2013 - Danu, #2 Celtic knot in the Legend of Merlin series, is featured on the latest preprinted fabric block for sashiko stitching.

2012 - A new product line of Spoonflower preprinted fabrics featuring Celtic knots for sashiko stitching begins with Aine, from the Legend of Merlin series by Scarlett Rose.

2012 - Scarlett's Celtic applique block design, Merlin's Keystone, is block #508 in the sixth issue of 100 Blocks magazine, published by Quiltmaker in November 2012.

2012 - The four Celtic designs (Fire, Earth, Wind and Water) from Scarlett's quilt pattern, Could It Be Magic?, have been made into full line stencils manufactured by Hancy Mfg. Co., creator of Full Line Stencils.

2011 - At the request of Atsuko Ohta and Sumiko Minei, Scarlett donates one of her quilts, Threefold Blues, to the Great East Japan Earthquake Project. A collection of these comfort quilts will be displayed in Tokyo and Tohoku.

2011 - Scarlett's Celtic applique and patchwork block design, Patience Puzzle, is #249 in the third 100 Blocks magazine published by Quiltmaker. The blog tour for the 3rd issue ran May 2nd thru 6th, 2011.

2010 - Scarlett's Celtic applique block design, Nucleus, is #114 in the second 100 Blocks magazine published by Quiltmaker. Scarlett participated in the 100 Blocks Blog Tour from the November 8th to the 12th, as a promotion for the magazine.

2010 - Scarlett participated in beta testing for Electric Quilt 7, which was released in June 2010. Scarlett's quilt pattern, the Lucky Four Patch, was featured in the EQ Blog for April 13th.

2010 - Scarlett's Celtic applique & patchwork quilt pattern, the Lucky Four Patch, is published in Irish Quilting magazine in Vol. 2, Issue 1. This original design was especially created for Irish Quilting. Lucky Four Patch is a new Celtic & More pattern and is a workshop offered by Scarlett.

2009 - Scarlett participated in the Quilt Index Signature Project, uploading pictures and information about eight of the special quilts from her personal signature quilt collection.

2009 - Scarlett is featured in a Meeting Place article in the April/May 2009 issue of Quilter's Newsletter magazine.

2009 - Scarlett's newest art quilt, Dream Self, is in the E Pluribus Unum 2: Cultures in Cloth exhibit, which is a QuiltArt Challenge. The exhibit went to the Frontera Quilt Guild of Harlingen, Texas on January 11th, 2010. The exhibit coordinator, Ann Flaherty, will do a trunk show on the E Pluribus Unum II:  Cultures in Cloth exhibit and her workshop, Cultural Cloth:  Exploring and Expressing Our Cultural Histories. The quilt exhibit will travel in May 15 & 16, 2010 to the Crystal Coast Quilt Show in Morehead City, NC. 

2008 -Peacock Mythos was one of four quilts on display at the Old City Hall Gallery in Redding, California during September, as an entry in the Asian Artists of Shasta County exhibit. The other quilts were Symbols & Seasons of Japan, At the Water's Edge and Tsukiko.

2008 - Celtic Medallion II and Weeds & Wild Geese I & II were shown at ENCORE! Another Blue Ribbon Quilt Fest, held at the LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum in LaConner, Washington on September 26th thru 28th.

2008 - "A Celtic Rose Garden" is on the cover of the May/June 2008 issue of the Applique Society's newsletter. Besides having her quilt on the cover, there are a couple other Celtic quilts by Scarlett shown inside. Scarlett wrote an article about how to make your own bias tape, with one of Scarlett's Celtic basket designs and two smaller Celtic designs included free in this issue.

2008 - Peacock Mythos was displayed at the CK Media Gallery in Golden, Colorado, from May through July as part of the MyFab special exhibit.

2007 - Scarlett's quilt, From the East to the West, was accepted for competition at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. This quilt was in the new Digital Imagery category.

2007 - One of three judges for The Applique Society's 2007 Quilt Show and Conference, "Applique in Tampa Bay". Scarlett also taught three workshops and presented one dinner lecture for TAS.

2007 - "The Tale of the Cat" wallhanging included in the Fabled Fibers exhibit, which premiered in the International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas. The exhibit will tour for the next year or so.

2006 - Chairman of Japanese Treasures: Kimono Fabrics in Contemporary Quilts, a special exhibit at the Denver National Quilt Festival on May 4th thru 7th, Denver, Colorado.

2006 - Chairman of a special Celtic Quilt Exhibit at International Quilt Week, March 16th - 18th, in Osaka, Japan, featuring the Celtic quilts of Scarlett Rose and Philomena Durcan. Scarlett taught two workshops at the Osaka Dome, the workshops featuring two new patterns "A Celtic Star is Born" and "At The Water's Edge", both designed especially for this event.

2005 - Chairman of two special exhibits at Pacific International Quilt Festival on October 13 - 16th. The 2 exhibits are My Celtic Perspective: Quilts by Scarlett Rose and Japanese Treasures: Kimono Fabrics in Contemporary Quilts.

2005 - Co-Producer of the Monkey Wrench Quilt Show, a program that aired on KIXE during their March pledge drive. This program will be released to PBS stations nationwide for airing in the fall of 2005. The video of the Monkey Wrench Quilt Show is on youTube.

2004 - Co-Producer of The World of Celtic Quilting, a program shown on KIXE and other PBS stations nationwide during 2004 and 2005.The video of Celtic Quilts is on youTube.

2004 - Chairman of the Monkey Wrench Quilt Exhibit at KIXE Studios in Redding CA. This exhibit featured quilts from the Museum of the American Quilter's Society of Paducah, Kentucky as well as quilts made by local quiltmakers.

2003 - Chairman of the International Celtic Quilt Exhibit shown at KIXE Studios in Redding, CA and at The Colors of Summer Quilt Show in Reno, NV. Held in July.

2003 - 3 of Scarlett's Celtic quilts and her Celtic Renaissance costume were on display at the The Glass City Quilt Commission's Kaleidoscope of Quilts XI, held July 19-20 in Sylvania, Ohio, as a special invitational exihibit.

2003 - Co-Producer of Northstate Quilts 2003: Special Edition featuring the United We Quilt touring exhibit of 911 memorial quilts made by professional quilt artists. First airing on August 21st. The video of this show, Northstate Quilts Remembers 911, is on youTube. At the 2002 PBS Development Awards ceremony held in Dallas, Texas, in October 2002, this video won the category of Special Fundraising Events for PBS stations of similar size to KIXE (over 60 stations). A copy of the video is in the Smithsonian and the Pentagon archive.

2003 - An article and pictures from "A July Quilt Spectacular" is printed in the #113 - April 2003 issue of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin.

2002 - Scarlett's chairmanship of "A July Quilt Spectacular" was very rewarding, as the exhibit went on to be a winner for KIXE at the 2002 PBS Development Awards ceremony held in Dallas, Texas, in October 2002. It won the category of Special Fundraising Events for PBS stations of similar size to KIXE (over 60 stations).A copy of the video is in the Smithsonian and the Pentagon archive.

2002 - Two of Scarlett's quilts, Cat's Play and Jewels of the Sky, were in an American Quilt Show held in Tenmaya Department Store in Takamatsu, Japan from October 16th through the 23th.

2002 - A selection of Scarlett's Celtic Quilts are featured in the March issue #107 of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, a top Japanese quilting magazine.

2002 - Scarlett was one of three international teachers invited to Japan to teach at the "B" College Event held in Nagoya at the end of March.

2002 - Chairman of "A July Quilt Spectacular", a ten day exhibit of local patriotic quilts and the United We Quilt - September 11th memorial quilts from the American Quilter's Society of Paducah, KY. This exhibit was held in KIXE Channel 9 Studios in Redding, CA and was a very successful fund raiser for public television. Scarlett had two quilts in this exhibit - "A Price for Freedom", her Gulf War quilt, was in the local section and "To Defend Forever the Flames of Freedom" is included in the invitational touring exhibit of United We Quilt. Scarlett is one of 50 quilt authors chosen to make a quilt for this special memorial exhibit, which was on tour for the next three years. A book, United We Quilt, was published by AQS featuring all these patriotic quilts.

2001 - "Symbols & Seasons of Japan" wins an Honorable Mention in the Best Use of Amazing Design category of the Sulky Challenge 2001.

2002 - "Celtic Circuits" wins an Honorable Mention in the Master Division - Small Quilts category of the Appliqué Society's show "2001 - An Appliqué Odyssey", held in Irving, Texas.

2002 - Scarlett Rose and her Celtic quilts are featured in the Gallery, a special section in April issue #101 of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, a Japanese quilt magazine.

2002 - An article about Scarlett Rose is printed in the Quilter's Path, a quarterly regional directory that lists guilds, quilt shops and events on the west coast.

2000 - My Wedding Kimonos were in a month long Invitational Exhibit at Harrah's Auto Museum in Reno, Nevada, as a part of the 2000 National Quilt Association Show. 

1999 - My Celtic Renaissance costume won Honorable Mention in the Sulky Challenge contest.  It was included in the Sulky Challenge Trunk Show and was on tour until September 2000. See pictures of Scarlett's Celtic Renaissance costume.

1998 - First Place in the Traditional Appliqué-Wall Size category at the Road To California Show for "Scarlett's Roses".

1998 - Third Place Ribbon in Wearable Arts category at the Redding Quilter's Sew-Ciety Show for my Wedding Kimonos.

1997 - Scarlett's second book, "Baskets: Celtic Style" is published by AQS of Paducah, Kentucky in December.

1997 - Second Place Teacher's Choice at Quilt Utah for "Indian Summer - Changes".

1996 - An Honorable Mention in the Innovative Appliqué-Small Size category at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas for "Scarlett's Roses", appliquéd by Lois Love and quilted by Scarlett Rose.

1995 - Scarlett's first book, "Celtic Style Floral Appliqué," is published by the American Quilter's Society of Paducah, Kentucky in April.

1995 - Third Place in Large Wallhanging-Other Techniques-Machine Quilted category at the National Quilt Association's Show for "Cat's Play".

1995 - "Autumn Leaves" is republished in Oxmoor House's new book "Scrap Quilts".

1993 - "Our Soul's Flame" appears in the July/August issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

1993 - "Stars and Their Fans" and "Autumn Leaves" are published in Great American Quilts 1993 by Oxmoor House.

1992 - Second Place and prize money in the Large Appliqué Quilt category at the American Quilt Showcase on Dollywood, Tennessee for "Branches of A Tree Upon Which Friendship Blooms".

1992 - First Place in the Innovative Appliqué-Small Size category at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas for "Celtic Medallion II".  A photograph of this wallhanging appears in the 1992 Buyer's Guide for the International Quilt Market.

1992 - Honorable Mention in Quilt World Magazine's Challenge Contest and the pattern for "Star Bright" published in a special issue "Blue Ribbon Quilts".

1991 - Second Place and prize money at the Kentucky Fall Festival of Quilts for "Weeds and Wild Geese".

1990 - An Honorable Mention for Wearable Art at the West Coast Quilter's Conference for "Rose of Sharon" vest.

1990 - First Place in the Series category at the National Quilt Association's Show for "Weeds and Wild Geese".

Where has Scarlett taught, lectured and judged recently? Here are guild reviews, with a chronological list of bookings below the reviews.

Guild Reviews

Quilts and Memories of my Grandmother from the 30s, 40s & 50s lecture for the River City Quilter's Guild - September 19, 2023

Scarlett Rose came to our guild, River City Quilters in Sacramento, in September. Her lecture, Quilts and Memories of My Grandmothers from 30s, 40s, 50s, was very well received by our guild members. Several commented about how much they enjoyed her talk and reflected back to their own time their grandparents. As Scarlet mentioned in her talk that it is important to remember the stories of the generations before us so we can pass them down the line. She is a very interesting person with many great stories of her own. One of which is her wedding which you can read about on her web page. I think you would be very pleased if you were to hire her.
Nancy Causey, program chair of the River City Quilters' Guild of Sacramento, CA 


Scarlett's Celtic Quilts trunk show for the Chester Piecemakers of Chester, CA - August 14, 2023

Scarlett Rose visited the Chester Piecemakers Quilt Guild in August 2023.  She presented her program featuring her own Celtic Quilts. She said she had randomly pulled the quilts off her shelf so some were older ones and some were more recent. Scarlett showed some different ways of using Celtic knots including in borders.  She also showed different ways of sewing them as well as drawing them.  Her hand quilting is really beautiful.  She interacted with the members as she showed her quilts which was nice.  The program was well received by our members, many who were not familiar with Celtic Quilting.   It was so nice to see such  a variety of different Celtic quilts.

Diane Morrow, Vice President
Chester Piecemakers of Chester, California


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond Zoom lecture and New Circuitry Zoom workshop - April 16, 2022

We were thrilled to have Scarlett Rose present a lecture and workshop with our guild this month via Zoom.  Her lecture on “Modern Celtic” quilting was a fantastic presentation in showing how bias tape could be used in a multitude of ways through traditional, modern, and Celtic quilting.  It was truly fascinating to see the wealth of ideas and suggestions in how to incorporate bias tape in all of your quilts through borders, frames, outlines or knot designs.  This lecture was a true eye-opener in learning how this technique could add so much to your modern or traditional quilts!
Scarlett’s workshop, “New Circuitry”, was the perfect compliment to her lecture in learning how easy it was to make your own fusible bias tape, and the tricks in creating your own Celtic knots with the ease of a pattern template.  The results were beautiful!
Scarlett is an excellent instructor and lecturer.  She is extremely knowledgeable and is very patient and helpful in the learning process. 
Thank you, Scarlett, for a wonderful presentation and workshop!
Kathy Wasilewski
VP Programs 2022
Arapahoe County Quilters
Denver, Colorado

"Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond"
Zoom lecture - March 29, 2022
"Scarlett Rose’s Lecture "Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond” was a very informational and fascinating look at modern Celtic quilting. She was knowledgeable and engaging and it was clear that she is passionate about this work. We are grateful for Zoom because since we are in Massachusetts we would not have access to such an accomplished quilting expert."
Robin D’Antona
Nimble Thimblers Quilt Guild of Wakefield, MA


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond Zoom Presentation - March 8, 2022
"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation! With a business analyst mentality, it is sometimes hard for me to think of new creative formats for projects.
I got so many great ideas from your presentation."

Kathy Manuel
Sunshine Quilters of San Diego, CA


Round Robin Quilts Presentation & Camellian Star Workshop - February 23, 2022

Scarlett recently was the guest speaker at our guild meeting and led a workshop the following day. Her presentation was all about Round Robin quilts. She had so many wonderful, creative and diverse examples of Round Robins she has participated in over the years. Several people mentioned they would now like to participate in a Round Robin. Her workshop the next day was on the Camellian Star. She was so patient and helpful wanting to make sure we all understood the process and were successful! Scarlett, you are an amazing, interesting person! I would highly recommend her for any guild's meeting or workshop.
Debbie Horton
Program Chair
Gold Bug Quilters of Placerville, CA


“Our guild recently hosted our first virtual speaker, Scarlett Rose. The Nov. 18th 2020 lecture she presented was ‘Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories.’ What a fantastic lecture! Who knew so much family history can be found in a quilt! Her presentation consisted of a PowerPoint presentation and a live portion. The PowerPoint portion was well prepared. All of her pictures were clear, vibrant and in focus. Not only did she share full quilts, but also up close detail of quilt blocks as well. She managed to capture detail in all of her photos. If you have members that share an interest in old quilts as well as family research and documentation, I would highly recommend this lecture! Not only did she totally draw us into the past, she inspired many of us to start documenting our own family histories through the use of quilts for generations to come!”
Vickie Wassell
Programs Coordinator
Pieces ‘n Patches Quilt Guild, Steger, Illinois


"Our guild, Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild in Lakeport, California, recently invited Scarlett to come to our guild in light of our upcoming 2019 County Fair, and our own Falling Leaves Quilt Show. Topic: The Judging Process from Both Sides: Competitor and Judge. Fifty-two members came to hear her talk, and they were not disappointed! Scarlett had their undivided attention from the start, and she held it for over an hour. While reinforcing much of what some of them already knew (points, bindings, corners, straight lines, quilting stops/starts, etc), she illustrated her statements with samples (hers and ours) and answered all questions that arose. She then phased into what she, as a judge, had to consider when making her various decisions, again, with illustrations, and answers for questions. As far as programs go, hers was truly instructional AND entertaining. The timing was perfect, because it gave our members valuable pointers to incorporate in the bindings that they were putting on their entries! I've served as Program Chairman for 5 times, and Scarlett gets an A+, in my opinion."

Jane Alameda, Program Chairman
Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild, Lakeport, California


"Scarlett Rose taught a class entitled Celtic Style Applique for our Ct Piecemakers Quilt Guild on November 18th and 19th, 2008. As a lecturer, Scarlett Rose is both entertaining and educational. She is an outstanding teacher who not only knows her craft but has the rare ability to teach it effectively to others.  She was both patient and encouraging, working one-on-one with students who were struggling, and encouraging others to take their designs even a step further. 

The guild was most pleased with the two-day class.  Everyone felt they had come away with something—for some it was learning and being able to practice a new technique; for others it meant completing a gorgeous block to show at our next guild’s “show and tell.” As a person, Scarlett Rose is delightful.  She made a wonderful companion for the few days she was here, a considerate house guest, and a warm and friendly teacher.  I would highly recommend her as a teacher and as a person."

JoMarie Coster, Program Co-Chair
Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Trumbull, CT


"It gives me great joy to write these special notes about Scarlett. She is a very delightful person. She is very willing to share her knowledge, skill and talent. Her teaching approach is so positive that no one can ever feel timid about wanting to learn what she is so wonderful about sharing. Her smile is not only seen at all times, but can be felt in her happiness in working with each person in her workshop. She has a wonderful ability to make each and every participant feel important and appreciated. I personally enjoyed sharing quiet time with her in my home sharing ideas, thoughts and many great laughs! Scarlett is definitely welcome to return not only to my home, but to join our Guild activities again."

Laurel Doll, Program Coordinator
Pinnacle Quilters of San Benito County, San Juan Bautista/Hollister, CA


"The Surprise Valley Quilters Guild is a very small guild in Northern California. In 2003 we enlisted the help of Scarlett as a judge for our fair which is held in August in Cedarville, California. She was very accommodating, not only judging the quilting division of the fair, but allowing open judging for anyone who was interested. Those of us who came learned so much from her. We were able to utilize her again in 2004. After a two year break, we enlisted her halp again in 2007 and 2008. Our fair averages between 70 and 80 quilts. We highly recommend Scarlett and look forward to having her come back in the future."

Susan Jost, President
Surprise Valley Quilters of Cedarville, CA

Booking History 2002 to present

Scarlett's Celtic Quilt Journey Zoom lecture for the Baltimore Applique Society of Baltimore, Maryland - October 18, 2023


Quilts & Memories of My Grandmother from the 30s to 50s lecture for the River City Quilter's Guild of Sacramento, CA - September 19, 2023


Quilt judging for the Tulelake Butte Valley Fair in Tulelake, CA - September 4, 2023


History of Celtic Quilting from 1980 to Present Zoom lecture for the Glendale Quilt Guild - August 9, 2023


Quilt Judging at the Humbolt County Fair in Ferndale, CA - August 6, 2023


Quilt Judging at the Lassen County Fair in Susanville, CA - July 13, 2023


 Adult Clothing & Textile, 4-H Clothing & Textile, Jr. Clothing & Textile judging for the Shasta District Fair in Anderson, CA - June 19, 2023


Scarlett's Trunk Show for the Orland Quilt Guild of Orland, CA - April 17, 2023


Memories of the My Grandmother from the 40s & 50s lecture for the Pacific Flyway Quilters of Colusa, CA - March 15, 2023


A History of Celtic Quilting Zoom lecture for The Applique Society - January 21, 2023


Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories presentation and Dimensional Embroidery workshop for the Ridge Quilters' Guild of Paradise, CA - 2022


What is Modern Quilting - My Viewpoint trunk show for the Oroville Piecemakers Moonlighters of Oroville, CA - 2022


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond zoom presentation for the Virtual Quilt Festival - 2022


Scarlett's Celtic Quilts 1992-2022 trunk show for the Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild of Yuba City, CA - 2022


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond Zoom lecture and New Circuitry Zoom workshop for Arapahoe County Quilters of Denver, CO - 2022


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond zoom lecture for Nimble Thimblers Quilt Guild of Wakefield, MA - 2022


Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond Zoom Presentation for Sunshine Quilters of San Diego - 2022


Round Robin Quilts Presentation & Camellian Star Workshop for Gold Bug Quilters of Placeville, CA - 2022


Scarlett's Quilt Adventures during the Pandemic trunk show for the Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding, CA - 2022


Quilt Artist virtual lecture for the Trent Valley Quilters Guild of Brighton, Ontario, Canada -2021


Celtic Quilts Around the World virtual lecture for the Mount Vernon Chapter of Quilters Unlimited of Virginia - 2021


A Look at Modern Celtic Quilting virtual lecture and Celtic + Sashiko Zoom class for the Ohio Valley Quilters' Guild of Cincinnati, Ohio - 2021


Celtic Style Applique virtual lecture and New Circuitry Zoom class for the Ninigret Quilters of Rhode Island  - 2021


Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories Zoom lecture for the Pieces 'N Patches Quilt Guild of Steger, Illinois - 2020


A View from Both Sides: Quilt Judging and Competition program for the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild of Lakeport, CA - 2019


Round Robin Quilt Lecture for the Grapevine Quilter's Guild of Mendocino County in Ukiah, CA - 2019


Genealogy + Quilts = Family Stories lecture for the Sun Country Quilters in Red Bluff, CA - 2018


Celtic Quilts Around the World lecture for the Mt. Tam Quilt Guild in San Rafael, CA - 2018


Celtic Quilts From Around the World lecture for the Roseville Quilters Guild of Roseville, CA - 2017


My Life as a Quilt Artist lecture for the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Southern Alameda County, Fremont, CA - 2017


Celtic Style Applique lecture for the Delta Quilters Guild of Brentwood, CA - 2016


Celtic Quilts Around the World lecture for the Oroville Piecemakers of Oroville, CA - 2015


Central Coast Quilters of Arroyo Grande, CA - 2015


Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Augusta, Maine - 2014


Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Auburn, CA (quilt judging) - 2014


Carquinez Strait Stitchers of Benecia, CA - 2014


Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA - 2014


Country Crossroads Quilters of Modesto, CA - 2013


Peninsula Quilters of San Mateo, CA - 2013


Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild of Folsom, CA (quilt judging for their show) - 2013


Sun Country Quilters of Red Bluff, CA - 2013


Valley Quiltmakers Guild of Northridge, CA - 2013


Ridge Quilters Guild of Paradise, CA - 2013


Amador Valley Quilters of Pleasanton, CA - 2012


Glendale Quilt Guild of Glendale, CA - 2012


Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association of Campbell, CA - 2011


Foothill Quilter's Guild of Auburn, CA (quilt judging for their show) - 2011


Chester Piecemakers of Chester, CA - 2011


Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild of Lakeport, CA - 2010


Santa Rosa Quilt Guild of Santa Rosa, CA - 2010


Sunshine Quilters of San Diego, CA - 2010


Petaluma Quilt Guild of Petaluma, CA - 2009


Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County, Sonora, CA - 2008


A Quilter's Gathering 2007 - The Eastcoast Quilter's Alliance 3 conference held in Nashua, NH


Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Grass Valley, CA


Valley Quilt Guild of Yuba City, CA


The Applique Society Quilt Conference - Tampa, Florida in 2007 & Sacramento, California in 2003


Mt. Tam Quilt Guild of San Rafael, CA


Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Fremont, CA - Also chosen as the Featured Artist at their 2006 quilt show


International Quilt Week 2006 in Osaka, Japan


Pioneer Quilters Guild of Folsom, CA


Evergreen Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Kent, WA


Annie Star Quilt Guild of Chico,CA


Delta Quilters Guild of Brentwood, CA


Cotton Patch Quilters Guild of Athens, GA


San Francisco Quilt Guild of San Francisco, CA


The Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County, Pleasant Hill, CA


Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding, CA


Pajaro Valley Quilt Association of Santa Cruz, CA


Piecing Partners Quilt Guild of Colorado Springs, CO


Calico Quilters of Bishop, CA


Ridge Quilters Guild of Paradise, CA


Foothill Quilters Guild of Auburn, CA


Creative Quilters of Reno, NV


"Bee" College Quilt Conference 2002 in Nagoya, Japan


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