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Scarlett participated in the Electric Quilt Rose of Sharon block contest in 2009. All of her block designs are included in a free download of the 780+ Rose of Sharon blocks entered, which are compatible for owners with version 6 or 7 of Electric Quilt. The block download links are in the EQ August 2010 newsletter. Two of Scarlett's blocks are included in the The Rose of Sharon Block Book: Winning Designs from the EQ6 Challenge by Sharon Pederson. Her blocks are on page 41 and are numbers 32 & 33. Please check out the companion DVD for 112 more block designs and instructional videos. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Rose of Sharon book mentioned here. If you're into machine embroidery, OESD digitized 18 of block designs, including the 12 winners, plus 13 other blocks for applique embroidery, offering all 31 designs in the Rose of Sharon collection #BB1005.

Here are some Electric Quilt layouts showing how Scarlett thought her blocks would look best in a quilt. The block patterns can easily be turned into stitching designs using EQ. Scarlett couldn't resist playing with her blocks, to see what she could design!

Layout A of my Rose of Sharon blocks.

For this layout, Scarlett used one of her Rose of Sharon block designs for applique in nine blocks and for quilting/embroidery with green thread in four blocks.

Layout B for my Rose of Sharon blocks.

Here's another of her block designs, set the same way.

Layout C of Scarlett's Rose of Sharon blocks.

This quilt uses three of Scarlett's Rose of Sharon block designs for applique and another for stitching, making this design more of a sampler quilt.

Why did Scarlett participate in the EQ Rose of Sharon block contest? Scarlett has been a fan of Rose of Sharon blocks ever since she first saw this style of applique pattern back in the 1970s. When she was an Opportunity Quilt Chairperson for the first time, in 1986, she chose the Rose of Sharon as the theme for her project. She researched and collected vintage block patterns from every resource she could find for a sampler quilt that members of her local guild, The Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding, then hand appliqued and hand quilted. The winner of this opportunity quilt redecorated her whole master bedroom to match this quilt!

Rose of Sharon opportunity quilt from 1986.

This old picture is very dark, but it's the only copy available of this opportunity quilt. The colors were assorted pink prints and solid dark green, with a solid cream background. The applique blocks were set together with a pieced garden maze lattice, with a wide green border to finish off the quilt. The members of the Quilter's Sew-Ciety hand quilted it!

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