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Updated September 13, 2013

More pictures of Round Robins!

[Norma Herbold's Round Robin Quilt]

Norma Herbold's Round Robin Quilt
Sequiem, WA

Norma made the star in the center of this quilt and three other quilters added borders to it.  The last quilter used the border design from Symphony, which was designed by Patty Oliver-Matz of Weaverville.

[Rose Marie's Round Robin Quilt]

Rose Marie Straw's Round Robin Quilt
Redding, CA

Rose Marie took a class from Scarlett some years ago.  She used her block from Celtic Medallion III in a round robin that our local guild did along with several other guilds. A very dear friend who Scarlett will miss very much, Rose Marie passed away at the beginning of January 2001.

[Carolyn Susac's Quilt]
Carolyn Susac's Round Robin Quilt
Reno, NV

Carolyn Susac used her block from Celtic Medallion III, that she made in Scarlett's class, in a round robin with the Creative Quilters of Reno, Nevada.

[Patriotic Star Round Robin]

Patriotic Star
60"(152 cm) square

Scarlett made the feathered star in a class by Sharyn Craig.  The first border (Red) is by Martha Hilbert, the second (Blue) by Ann Arbuckle and the third  (pinwheels) by Rose Marie Straw.  Scarlett added the last border to finish it off and machine quilted it.

[picture of Scrap Star Round Robin]

Scrap Star
44" (112 cm) square

The center block came from Judy Martin's Block book.  Scarlett used scraps to make it.  This was a between guilds Round Robin, so the borders were done by quilters from other guilds.  The first was by Nancy Randall of Marysville, the second by Debra Luis of the Valley Quilt Guild in Yuba City and the third by Millie Berryhill of the Valley Quilt Guild in Yuba City.

[Four Bows Round Robin]

The First Four Bows Block used in a Round Robin
46" (117 cm) square

Scarlett designed Four Bows and sent it off to a block contest.  It wasn't accepted, so she used the sample she had made for this Round Robin.  The first border is by Melanie Harmon of the Valley Quilt Guild of Yuba City, the second by Nancy Firth of the Chester Piecemakers and the third by Jan Dole, a long-range member of the Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding.

Luckily, Scarlett kept my drawings, so now Four Bows is a pattern that I have redone. It's a neat design and makes a wonderful quilt!


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