Sashiko Gallery

Want to see what you can make with these easy to stitch preprinted sashiko blocks? Here's some stitched examples of blocks and some finished projects. Hand stitch your blocks with the traditional white or go for color!

If you make anything with these preprinted blocks, please email a picture of your project to Scarlett and she will post it here.



Navy blue fabric with white stitching, set with Dutch Wax batik triangles.

Aine trimmed to 12 1/2" and pieced with a Dutch Wax Batik fabric. Stitched with Weeks Dye Works pearl cotton thread in Icicle color.

Danu knot design stitched in Sashiko style.

Danu trimmed to 12 1/2" and pieced with a Dutch Wax Batik fabric. Stitched with Weeks Dye Works pearl cotton thread in Icicle.

Scarlett's original Celtic design, Aine, stitched in variegated perle cotton thread.

This is Aine, #1 in the Legend of Merlin series by Scarlett Rose. The design is stitched with Confetti, a multicolor pearl cotton thread by Weeks Dye Works. with variegated perle cotton threads (Saffron and Envy) for the pointy square shapes.


Aine stitched with sashiko and twilling stitches

Here's Aine stitched in a combination of sashiko and twilling stitch. The center squares were twilled with a variegated yellow called Marigold by Weeks Dye Works. The other parts of the Celtic knot were sashiko stitched with a lighter yellow (Saffron) and Confetti, a multicolor pearl thread.


Laura Hawkins' tablerunner

Laura Hawkins made this two block Sashiko tablerunner with Celtic Knot One and Celtic Knot 2. Celtic Knot 3 was substituted as shown below.

2 knot runner with borders added


Celtic Knot 2 and Celtic Knot 3 are stitched with Prism tie dye floss and pieced on point with a Hawaiian print fabric. Scarlett added a row of orange sashiko stitching 1/4" inside the edge of each block and a 1/2" frame strip of bright blue solid color fabric around the center panel before finishing off with a 2" border of the print. Another row of orange sashiko stitching runs down the center of the 1/2" frame strip. Scarlett machine quilted it in the ditch and bound it off with the print.

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Peony design in sashiko

Peony was stitched with variegated thread for the petals and solid color thread for the stems and leaves.




Celtic Block 2 from Laura Hawkins' Sashiko tablerunner

Laura Hawkins' Celtic Knot 2 was sashiko stitched with different colors of thread instead of using a varigated thread. She would stitch an inch or so, then switch to another color.

Celtic Knot 2 partially stitched

Celtic Knot 2 partially stitched with Prism tie dyed variegated embroidery floss.

Celtic Knot 3

Celtic Knot 3 stitched with Prism variegated orange craft thread

4 block sashiko sampler

Dorie made four different sashiko blocks: Croton, Bamboo, Crane and Oriental Crest, set together with a bright Hawaiian print.


Temari tablerunner

Dorie made this tablerunner using Celtic Knot 1, Celtic Knot 3, Temari 2 and Celtic Knot 2 squares (The border does continue on the top, but Dorie's picture didn't show the whole runner!)

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