Quick Bias Quilt by Michiko Shima

Although all the text is in Japanese, the diagrams in this book are excellent!  It's not too difficult to use any of these designs since there is a pattern sheet included. 

Here are some pictures of what's in this wonderful book by Michiko Shima:

#513 - Quick Bias Quilt $24.95

Inside #513 - Quick Bias Quilt

More pages from the
Quick Bias Quilt book by Michiko Shima.

[page from Quick Bias book]

[page from Quick Bias book]

[page from Quick Bias book]

Joan Sayre's Celtic Design I quilt

Joan Sayre of Chester, CA, entered this quilt in the Chester Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show, held on August 7 & 8, 2010. She used a design from Michiko Shima's Quick Bias Quilt Book, the sample quilt is shown on page 51 and shown in the sample page above with the yellow and blue quilt. Even though the book is written in Japanese, Joan was able to figure out how to do this pattern. Joan had seen a lecture presented by Scarlett Rose, featuring some of Michiko Shima's quilts and received Michiko's book as a gift from her friend, Carol Bunch.


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