Camellian Star and A Celtic Star is Born Gallery

Here are more sample blocks by Scarlett and all the student blocks from workshops, shown below the pattern supply lists.

Camellian Star Supply List
Finished Size:  approx. 10' design on a 12” square block

Fabric needed:
Background of Celtic star -  14” (36cm) square of light color cotton fabric
Fabric for making bias tape, sewn or fusible, for the Camellian Star -
       2  colors of fat quarters or  two 1/4 yds (23cm) of fabric
For inset patches, use scraps, fat quarters or other size pieces of fabric with printed designs that will fit into the space shown on the inset templates.

For sewn bias tape (hand appliqué):
                1/4" bias bar
                Thread to match the fabric used for bias strips
                Hand appliqué needles (sharps)
                Needle threader, if you use one
                Thimble, if you use one
                Marking pen or pencil appropriate for background fabric
                Freezer paper for inset patch templates

For fusible bias tape (machine appliqué):
                1/4” (6mm) fusible bias tape maker
                1 roll of 5mm fusible web
                Invisible thread for machine appliqué
                Bias design sheet or non-stick sheet
                Lightweight fusible for inset patch templates
                Sewing machine with an adjustable blind hem stitch, machine appliqué stitch or adjustable zigzag stitch

Supply List from A Celtic Star is Born quilt pattern
Finished Size: 44” square
Fabric needed:
Background of Celtic star - 20” (51cm) square or 5/8 yd (58cm) of light color cotton fabric
Second background - 1 yd (92cm) of fabric (between block and 3 tier border)
First border - 1/4 yd (23cm) of fabric
Frame inserts and second border - 1/2 yd (46cm)
Third border and binding - 1 yd (92cm) of fabric
Backing - 1 1/4 yd (114cm) of fabric
Batting - 45” sq (114 cm)
Fabric for making fusible bias tape for the Celtic Star -
2 colors of fat quarters or two 1/4 yds (23cm) of silk dupioni or cotton
Thread - 2 spools to contrast with the 2 colors of bias tape, for the blanket stitching
1/2” (12mm) fusible bias tape maker
3/4” (18mm) fusible bias tape maker
1 roll of 10mm fusible web
Readymade fusible web tape - (1 roll of 5 1/2 yd) or 1/4 yd (23cm) of fabric to make your own bias tape for the lattice, along with 1/4” (6mm) fusible tape maker and 1 roll of 1/4” (5mm) fusible web.
Invisible thread for machine appliqué
Bias design sheet or non-stick sheet

Please be patient as the pictures load, there are a lot of them!

    Batik and metallic Celtic Star

On the left, here's another five point Celtic Star sample block made by Scarlett Rose and it uses two different sizes of bias made of cottons. In the center, this five point star variation has pointed loops and two different widths of bias strips. It is machine buttonhole stitched with contrast thread as is the block for the pattern, A Celtic Star is Born The bias is made of silk dupioni and the background is batik. On the right, the same pointed Celtic Star as the one in the center, done in hand applique. The silver is a cotton/metallic lame, made into fusible bias tape.

Camellian Star from an April 23, 2013 workshop with the Sun Country Quilters of Red Bluff, CA.

Six pointed Celtic star made by Red Bluff quilter.

From a November 13, 2011 machine applique workshop with the Napa Valley Quilters of Napa, CA.

Jamie's block

Jamie's block

Rosie's block

Rosie's block

Red batik block


George Washington in a block


Albert's block

Albert's block

Rainbow bias block


Roxann's block

Roxann's block

Linda's block

Linda's block


From a March 10, 2010 machine applique workshop for the the Sunshine Quilters of San Diego, CA.

Carol Santos' Celtic Star block

Carol Santos

Janet Harris' Celtic Star block

Janet Harris

Mary Porath's Celtic Star block

Mary Porath

Sherri Necochea's Celtic Star block

Sherri Necochea

Teresa Wiesendanger's Celtic Star block

Teresa Wiesendanger

Terri French's Celtic Star block

Terri French

More Celtic Star blocks:

Celtic Christmas Star block

Five point Star block by Louisa Jones of Bristol, RI, from a workshop taught at A Quilter's Gathering, held in Nashua, New Hampshire in November 2008.




From the Applique Society's Quilt Show and Conference held in Tampa Bay, Florida, in May 2007, here are blocks made by students in the hand applique workshop.

Celtic Star block

On a black background, this star really shows off the fabrics used for the fusible bias, made in two sizes.

Muslin background with Celtic Star

Batiks were used for this block, done with 1/4" and 3/8" fusible bias tape.

1/4" bias for both strands.

This block was done with 1/4" fusible bias tape for both strands.

Green Celtic Star block

This block has two shades of green used for the fusible bias tape.

Blue Celtic Star block

This highly contrasting block was made with the same width bias tape for both strands.

Here are five sample blocks made by students from the July 19th, 2003 workshop held at the Colors of Summer Quilt Show in Reno, Nevada.

Five point Celtic Stars
Camellian Stars

Linda's block

Five point Celtic Star by Linda Graeber of Carson City, Nevada

Buddha's block

Six point Celtic Star by Buddha Pahulu of Sparks, Nevada

Carol's block

Five point Celtic Star by Carol Black of Citrus Heights, California

Monna's block

Six point Celtic Star block by Monna Walters of Susanville, CA.

Cathy's Celtic Star block in batik

Made by Cathy from the Ridge Quilters' Guild in Paradise, CA



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