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The Applique Society Conference 2003

What a wonderful show! It was a great experience to be there and see all the beautiful quilts. As usual, the hunt was on for Celtic quilts. Here are pictures of the four applique quilts that have Celtic designs in them.

#738 Colorful Celtic by Christine Linder of Kent, Washington

This quilt features the Celtic interlace and flower design from the pattern Celtic Medallion II, which is also in the out of print book, Celtic Style Floral Applique by Scarlett Rose.

Here's a closeup picture of the center block of Colorful Celtic. All the bias strips were made from a multicolor fabric, with the flower colors complimenting it.

#729 Prayer for a Dark Night by Clare Bremer of Western Springs, Illinois

This quilt features a Celtic cross in the center and zoomorphic designs in the border. This quilt received an Honorable Mention in the Artisan Small Quilt Category.

Here's a closeup of the zoomorphic designs in the border. The silver, gold and green fabrics used for the bias are cotton lame.

Here's a closeup of the center, with the Celtic cross and a quotation.

#114 Try It by Gail Stalley of Beaverton, Oregon

This amazing quilt featured applique blocks done in all different styles and techniques! Some of these are: Stained Glass, Celtic, Cathedral Window, Snowflake, reverse applique.

Here's a closeup of the Celtic block. This quilt received an Honorable Mention in the Masters Large Quilt category and the Viewer's Choice ribbon.

#1112 Jennie's Design by Sandy Crane of Auburn, California

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