[Link to my Schedule page]

Please visit My Teaching Schedule for the listing of places that I will be traveling to and teaching at in the near future. Here's my current workshop and lecture brochure, which is a PDF file for downloading or opening online.

[Link to my workshop samples page]

I have some new sample blocks pictured on My Samples page, so have a look and see what I've done.  There are descriptions and pictures for all of my lectures, too. There are links to pictures of students' blocks included in each workshop description.

[Link to my resume and awards page]

A detailed listing of all my accomplishments, publications and other achievements.

[Link to Students' Quilts page]

Here are pictures of quilts made by students.  Some are completely Celtic; others are a mix of styles.  Lots of wonderful ideas!

[Link to my other quilts page]

A selection of quilts that I have made, such as art quilts, exhibition quilts, etc. There are now two pages of quilts!

[Link to students' quilts page two]

More pictures of student's quilts, with even more on Page 3. Scarlett's Celtic classes are available online at QuiltCampus. Have a look at some of the students' finished quilts.

[Link to my works in progress page]

From my Quilt Top Wine Cellar, these are WIP's!  I do plan to finish them when the time is right.

[Link to Round Robin Quilts page]

Some of these are ones I participated in, others have Celtic borders in them, so I took pictures to show them off!

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