Works In Progess

Revised July 8, 2008

I don't have deadlines for finishing these quilt tops.   I think I might want to use them later in competition, so they can wait and be finished at a later date. Also, if I need a special gift for a relative I might use one of these.

[Diamond Ohio Stars]

Diamond Ohio Stars
80" x 100"

This is the first of a series of diamond star quilts that I made trying to use up 60 stars that I had sewed after being inspired by Jeff Gutcheon's book "Diamond Patchwork".  I used assorted fabrics with no plan how to put them together. Of course, after making all these, I couldn't find any way to get all 60 of them in one quilt. So I started to play around with them and came up with this arrangement.  The second design in this series was actually finished.  It is called Stars and Their Fans, the pattern for which appeared in Great American Quilts 1993 by Oxmoor House along with another design, Autumn Leaves.  Autumn Leaves got redone as a wallhanging, then it was turned into a pattern that I have for sale, Autumn Splendor.


Star Flowers
84" x93"

This is the third in my series of diamond ohio star quilts.  This top has Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers in the alternating diamonds.  The flowers were leftovers from another unfinished quilt top, one I started because I thought it would be easy to make a patchwork quilt using one template! Some of the flowers wound up in Garden of Friends, which is a pattern I have for sale.  This example shows why I don't worry any more about blocks or half finished projects.  They seem to find their own solutions in time.

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