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Revised July 7, 2024

To make it easier to find what you're looking for, please choose from the table below. Click on the links to go to the section of this page for pictures and descriptions of the workshops and lectures that Scarlett offers. All workshops and lectures can be done by Zoom, hybrid or in person.

More Celtic + Applique Celtic+Applique+Patchwork Celtic Design + Applique Celtic + Applique with Asian Style
Classic Celtic Applique Paperpiecing Other Applique Designs Hand Embroidery

Please e-mail Scarlett if your guild, shop, event or conference would be interested in booking Scarlett for a virtual or hybrid lecture or workshop, or for in person. Scarlett is very flexible about the topics of her lectures, especially for a virtual or hybrid presentation. If your group has a specific focus, she can tailor her presentation to fit, such as providing more detail pics, giving greater depth of info on particular kinds of quilts and mixing different lectures together into a new lecture.

Need to schedule a Zoom lecture on short notice? Please email Scarlett for booking, depending on her availability.

Workshops can be adjusted to focus on your group's interest. Ask Scarlett about any of her techniques and options for different patterns.

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See her resume for a complete listing of Scarlett's accomplishments and for testimonials.
Please check Scarlett's teaching schedule for available dates.

Scarlett's Lectures

Four Bows quilt

New!Scarlett's Quilts Tell Their Stories

Specially chosen from Scarlett's Collection, these quilts each have their own journey of how they came to be, where they traveled and what they represent. Scarlett encourages documenting quilts so that their existence will survive in some form and provide continuity in families, connections among quilters, plus providing a valuable resource for historians and researchers.

As a Quilt Documentarian, Scarlett encourages quilters to submit their quilts to the Quilt Index.

The Exotic Peacock bias applique pattern by Scarlett Rose

New!Modern Celtic: Bias and Beyond - Celtic quilt lecture series #3

What's been happening with bias applique? See some amazing bias tape quilt designs made by modern quilters, art quilters and Celtic quilters. The example shown is the Exotic Peacock pattern by Scarlett Rose.

Apr 16, 2022 - "Her lecture on “Modern Celtic” quilting was a fantastic presentation in showing how bias tape could be used in a multitude of ways through traditional, modern, and Celtic quilting." Kathy Wasilewski, VP Programs 2022, Arapahoe County Quilters of Denver, Colorado.

Let The Free Winds Blow

New!What is Modern? - My Viewpoint

A trunk show, or Powerpoint for zoom, explaining the roots of Modern quilting, what Modern means for new and experienced quilters, and the differences that come up. See how Scarlett has interpreted this journey with her quilts. Learn how your viewpoint may differ because of the wide range of experience and learn how to bridge that gap, bringing all quilters together with our common interest.

2022 - Presented for the Oroville Piecemakers Moonlighters of Oroville, CA

Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories lecture

Quilts + Genealogy = Family Quilt Stories features some special quilts that represent the connections between family and friends.  Scarlett provides a short intro to Genealogy with DNA testing, another of her interests. The lecture continues by showing how these two subjects have linked themselves in her life and provided her with wonderful stories of discovery through quilts that she'll share with you. Visit the Mementos Gallery.

Nov 18, 2020 - "What a fantastic lecture! Who knew so much family history can be found in a quilt!" Vickie Wassell, Programs Coordinator, Pieces ‘n Patches Quilt Guild of Steger, Illinois

Rose family in Oakland, CA in 1944Irene Rose Wool Four Patch Quilt

New!Quilts & Memories of My Grandmother from 30s, 40s & 50s

Scarlett has inherited beautiful vintage quilts that her grandmother made in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Several of these quilts are Mid-Century Modern style. Scarlett has designed several quilt patterns that are her unique interpretations of traditional patchwork of that era. By sharing family pictures, memorabilia and her grandmother's needlework, Scarlett tells the story of her grandmother during the Depression, WWII and Cold War eras. As a board member of the California Heritage Quilt Project, Scarlett has documented her gramdmother's quilts in the Quilt Index.

Scarlett is proud to have four family members who are Congressional Gold Medal awardees! Her grandmother and aunt are documented Rosie the Riveters.  Her father and uncle are Merchant Marine of WWII. Learn about the Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historical Park in Richmond, CA. Please visit the Mementos Gallery.

Sept 19, 2023 - Presented as in person lecture for the River City Quilter's Guild of Sacramento, CA

Da Vinci Knot quilt by Ilyeana of Russia, a member of the CAQ in 2011.

Celtic Quilts from around the World - Celtic quilt lecture series #1

Enjoy seeing Celtic quilts made by talented international quilters from Facebook, Pinterest, the Celtic Applique Quilters online group and other quilting sites and groups Scarlett has discovered. The example shown is a Da Vinci knot quilt by Ilyeana of Russia. She was a member of the Celtic Applique Quilters in 2011.

2021 - Presented as a Zoom  lecture for the Mount Vernon Chapter of Quilters Unlimited of Virginia.

Oriental Interlace by Scarlett Rose

A History of Celtic Quilting - Celtic quilt lecture series #2

From 1980 to present, learn about all th authors & designers of Celtic quilts and see quilts made from their designs. These Celtic quilts range from the traditional to contemporary, art to modern. The example shown is Oriental Interlace by Scarlett. See the newest directions of Scarlett's Celtic quilts!

Aug 9, 2023 - Presented as Zoom lecture for the Glendale Quilt Guild of Glendale, CA.

Patriotic Star Round Robin quilt

Round Robin Quilts

What's a round robin? A row robin? A random robin? A renegade robin? See what these kinds of friendship quilts can look like, what the possibilities are and learn how to plan this fun group project!

Feb 23, 2022 - "She had so many wonderful, creative and diverse examples of Round Robins she has participated in over the years."  Debbie Horton, Program Chair, Gold Bug Quilters of Placerville, CA.

Silky Flowers block by Scarlett Rose

Quirky Quiltmaking
Quiltmaking has always adapted to the needs, skills and income of those who want to make quilts. See what all the excitement is about with upcycling, recycling and repurposing fabrics from clothing, home dec and other sources to make an amazing variety of quilts! This lecture covers ideas for finding and choosing non-cotton fabrics, embellishments, books and tools, including vintage sewing machines. Get into this exciting trend of upcycling, recycling and repurposing fabrics/garments/found items for traditional, contemporary, modern and art quilts..

[Voila Viola!, a Friendship Quilt]

Friendship Quilts - My Way & Any Way

Voila Viola! is a sample of the many friendship quilts that Scarlett talks about in her lecture Friendship Quilts - My Way. Scarlett has been in friendship circles for many years and collected photos of fabulous friendship quilts! This is a Powerpoint presentation or a trunk show if in person, so that you can see for yourself how Scarlett puts collections of friendship blocks together.  The quilt, Voila Viola, shown is also available as a pattern.  There's a picture of all the friends who made blocks for this quilt on Scarlett's Friends page.

[Indian Summer - Changes]

Scarlett's Celtic Quilt Journey

Indian Summer - Changes is one of the quilts that Scarlett talks about in her lecture about her Celtic Style Applique. She has been drawing her own Celtic knotwork since the 1980s. Learn how Scarlett creates her Celtic designs and how they have evolved. Scarlett will talk about sources, resources and inspiration for Celtic artwork.  This is a Powerpoint presentation for Zoom or in person. Scarlett can share quilts for in person presentations. 

Aug 14, 2023 - "The program was well received by our members, many who were not familiar with Celtic Quilting.   It was so nice to see such  a variety of different Celtic quilts." Diane Morrow, VP of the Chester Piecemakers of Chester, CA.

[My Life as a Quilt Artist lecture]

A Quilt Artist's Life!

Scarlett has been quilting since 1976 and she is interested in a variety of quilting styles - Celtic, scrap, friendship, paperpieced, Amish, wearable art, art quilts & more.  This lecture gives you a taste what she's been creating and sewing during her long and ongoing adventurous career.

A View From Both Sides - Quilt Competition and Judging

Have you ever considered entering your quilt in a county fair or quilt contest? Wonder what it's all about? What do judges look for? All these questions and more are answered in this informative lecture of the world of quilt judging. Scarlett has judged quilts at county fairs for many decades. She has competed with her quilts in national and international contests for over 35 years. Hear what she has to say about judging from both sides of the fence.

2019 - "Fifty-two members came to hear her talk, and they were not disappointed! Scarlett had their undivided attention from the start, and she held it for over an hour." Jane Alameda, Program Chairman, Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild of Lakeport, California

Workshops are for all skill levels (beginners and up). Lectures are digital presentations in Powerpoint, with quilts if in person (amount depending on travel method and situation).


New!Quilt Documentation

Learn how document your quilts. Why is it important? What info should you collect? Where do you keep this info? What resources are available for creating a journal or record book.

New!Hearts Entwined - Bold Line Hand Embroidery

Hearts Entwined hand embroidery pattern

Learn the chain stitch, an ancient embroidery stitch. Exploring its history will be of interest to experienced embroiderers, and it is a perfect stitch for beginners who want to learn how to embroider. The Hearts Entwined design features hearts and spirals, ancient symbols used and interpreted over centuries as common motifs. The spiral is a familar design for many cultures, including the Celts and the Ainu, who call spirals "Morew" in their language. Depending the experience level of prospective students and the length of the workshop, other embroidery stitches can be taught. Instruction on basic symmetry of simple motifs is an option. This workshop is suitable for both half day (3 hour) and full day workshops. The level can be set by the guild or group who schedule the booking of the class.

Scarlett will teach the chain stitch for right and left handed stitching. Learn how to turn corners, starting and stopping, directional stitching and stitch embellishing.

Scarlett will share her exploration of her indigenous Japanese ancestry, which includes a distinctive style of embroidery by the Ainu of Hokkaido, Japan. She has discovered that some of the stitches that the Ainu use are common to cultures worldwide, but they have their own unique look. The Ainu call the chain stitch, the Oho Stitch. Their beautiful hand embroidered and hand appliqued coats have stunning decorative patterns that are easily recognizable. There are design patterns distinctive to different kotan (villages or tribes) of Ainu.

Bias and Beyond

Sunflower in the Garden  The Fourth Knot

Learn how to make your own bias tape using a variety of methods, ranging from traditional to modern! This is a technique workshop where you will make samples of bias tape that can be used for a wide range of designs, from Celtic knots to flower stems, vines, to Modern applique and improv applique. Learn which types of bias tape are best for machine applique (sample on the left - Sunflower in the Garden) or hand applique (sample on the right - The Fourth Knot). Samples will be shown for all these possibilities. This workshop can be half day (3 hrs.) or full day (one day in person or Zoom, or split in two half days for Zoom).

Celtic + Raw Edge Applique

Spirit of Earth, block #2 of the Elemental Spirits BOM

Learn how to do raw edge applique with a decorative machine blanket stitch! This technique for raw edge applique can also be hand stitched. The sample shown is the Spirit of Earth, block #2 of the digital Elemental Spirits BOM. This exciting block of the month series has 9 patterns! Please visit the Elemental Spirits Gallery for quilt layouts.

Celtic + Freezer Paper Applique

Merlin's Keystone block from 100 Blocks magazine.

Want to try Celtic hand applique? Learn a method of freezer paper applique combined with bias tape applique with the Merlin's Keystone block, featured in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine #6. Merlin's Keystone is also sold as a Celtic knot printed fabric through Scarlett's Shop on Spoonflower.

New!Celtic + Dimensional Embroidery

True Soul background block with Multicolor bright pearl thread. Twilling block made into a 14" pillow

Learn the embroidery stitch that is taking the quilting world by storm! The twilling stitch creates a dimensional braid that is stitched directly into the background fabric. Made especially for embroidery, Scarlett has custom preprinted background blocks that feature Celtic designs from her Legend of Merlin series. In this workshop, you'll learn the twilling stitch, which is what Scarlett used with hand dyed pearl cotton thread to create the wonderful textured braid that you see in this colorful sample. If you've only done a little bit of embroidery or just admired the embroidery that you've seen in quilts and want to learn more, then this class will teach you  how to embroider quilt blocks and introduce you to an exciting new style of quilting. Scarlett offers detailed instructions for both right and left handed stitchers. Preprinted blocks, kits and specialty pearl threads will be offered for workshops. Sample shown on the right is a 14" pillow with a sham back.

Please visit the Embroidery Gallery to see more examples like the block shown below. Many other embroidery stitches suitable for these preprinted blocks can be taught as part of the workshop or demonstrated, depending on class length (1/2 day, 1 day), project desired and/or the experience level of the students.

Twilling and sashiko in one block.

New!Celtic + Sashiko

Sashiko stitched block. Sashiko stitched Danu design set with indigo batik

Learn how to do sashiko stitching with your own fabric or a custom preprinted block. This workshop is for beginners who have admired sashiko and want to learn about it. Choose from a traditional Japanese blue and white theme to an International multicolor theme, with an option of adding other embroidery stitching and fabrics to create a truly multicultural design! Please visit the Sashiko Gallery to see more examples. Buy a preprinted Sashiko block in Scarlett's Etsy shop

New!Celtic + Crayon + Ink + Markers

Claddagh Rings design in crayon and ink. Fire Medallion Wall Quilt Fire Knot in Stained Glass style

Choose from three different Celtic designs by Scarlett. Each is a combination of techniques, drawn on fabric with crayons, inks and/or markers, plus stenciling with Full Line Stencils.

1. Why not try some indelible pen inking with crayoning for color and see what results! This workshop is for those who haven't done any crayoning or inking on fabric and who want to learn this fun new simple style. Featuring a brand new Celtic style design based on a cherished traditional Irish symbol, the Claddagh Rings incorporates the old with the new, blending craft with quilting in an exciting way to show off your appreciation of Irish culture and/or heritage.

2. Choose the Fire Medallion, a stenciled Celtic knot colored with fabric markers and machine quilted. Created from four Fire Knots placed together.

3.The Fire Knot block is stenciled with fabric ink, then colored in with fabric markers to give it the stained glass look.

San Kamon workshop

San Kamon quilt

Learn how to make your own bias tape, Choosing either hand or machine applique techniques for making one of these 3 lovely designs. A smaller project that can be used as a tablerunner as well as a wallhanging. They can also be done as Celtic + embroidery, Celtic + Sashiko or Celtic + Crayon + Embroidery workshop, if preferred. Also learn about the Inklingo technique for using your inkjet printer to mark your backgrounds! Please visit the San Kamon Gallery to see students' work from workshops.

The samples shown above are for Celtic + Hand Applique on the left and Celtic + Embroidery (Stem stitch) on the right. The samples shown below are for Celtic + Sashiko stitching on the left and Celtic + Crayon + Embroidery (back stitch) on the right.

Sashiko stitched Star Flower blockSix Rings block in crayon and backstitch embroidery

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More Celtic + Applique Workshops

Nucleus workshop

Quilt setting for Nucleus block.

From Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine #2, learn how to make Scarlett's Celtic block design! Shown here in a nine block quilt setting. Other variations are in the Nucleus Gallery. You can buy Nucleus as a custom printed fabric, choosing from many very stunning colorways as a six inch Celtic knot printed on your choice of fabrics ranging from cottons (Kona, denim), linen, knits, minky, fleece to upholstery velvet.

My Heart's Desire workshop

Flowers of the Orient wallhanging.

Here's the finished 27" square wallhanging, Flowers of the Orient, made with the medium sized Celtic heart from the My Heart's Desire pattern. This wallhanging is Scarlett's hand applique class sample. Visit the Gallery to see another quilt, Fairy Tale Knights, made with all 3 sizes of this Celtic heart design.

A bonus handout with the extra applique patch templates, yardages and the feather quilting design will be given only to students who take this class.

New Circuitry Workshop

Color picture of the New Circuitry quilt. Machine applique sample block.

Using only two of the five borders and the center block from her pattern Celtic Circuits, Scarlett hand appliqued her own sewn bias tape for this 29" square quilt (on the left) to show you what can be creatively done with these highly adaptable Celtic knotwork designs. On the right is a machine appliqued version of the center block, which Scarlett made with her own fusible bias tape. Please visit the Celtic Circuits Gallery.

Besides learning how to make your own bias, where to place contrasting insets and how to make this quilt, see how you could mix and match any of the five borders from the pattern to make your own personal variation!

A bonus handout for New Circuitry will only be given to students who take this class.

Crystallized Celtic Workshop

Crystallized Celtic block    Crystallized Celtic quilt.

Learn how to make bias tape for hand applique using bias bars. This innovative Celtic knot can be set to fit different size blocks. This workshop will teach how to do fussy cutting of large scale prints and how to adjust the knot to accommodate them. Learn how to hand applique the sewn bias, weave the bias to form Celtic knots and turn perfect corners. This workshop can be taught for either hand applique or machine applique. The technique for making bias tape is different for machine applique. Please choose which technique you want to learn.

 This block is from the Crystallized Celtic pattern. Have a look at the Crystallized Celtic Gallery to see students' blocks made from this pattern.

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Celtic + Applique + Patchwork Workshops

Patience Puzzle workshop

Patience Puzzle tablerunner

This Patience Puzzle tablerunner or small wallhanging features Scarlett's Patience Puzzle block. Featuring a combination of machine piecing and bias tape applique, this innovative Celtic design is easy to set together and can be made in all kinds of fabrics. Please visit the Gallery to see more samples. The Patience Puzzle block is included in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine #3.

Lucky Four Patch workshop

Lucky Four Patch quilt pattern

This charming quilt pattern mixes Celtic bias tape applique with machine piecing for an Irish flair! Please visit the Lucky Four Patch Gallery for more pictures.

Knotwork Nine Patch Workshop

Picture of the Knotwork Nine Patch quilt.

This new Celtic quilt design features easy machine piecing with either hand or machine applique. Based on a classic patchwork pattern, the background is made up of pieced nine patch blocks, with insets and bias tape finishing the design and giving it the look of patchwork with a Celtic flair! Please visit the Knotwork Nine Patch Gallery for more pictures. This sample quilt was made with black, white & blue fabrics from Scarlett's stash, using 29 different prints in all. Buy the Knotwork Nine Patch design as a digital pattern.

A bonus handout for Scottish Scraps, a quilt made from the leftovers from the Knotwork Nine Patch quilt, will be only given to students taking this class.

Amanda's Celtic Circles

Amanda's Celtic Circles quilt.

Featuring a four patch variation with pieced insets, this machine piecing and bias tape applique workshop is for a pattern that is very stash friendly. Please visit the Amanda's Celtic Circles Gallery for more pictures.

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Celtic Design + Applique Workshops

The Magic Key Workshop

Infinity     Picture of Could It Be Magic? quilt.     Picture of Oriental Interlace, an intermediate Celtic design sample quilt.

Are you interested in designing your own Celtic knots but aren’t sure how to go about it? Try this new technique, which offers endless possibilities! Learn how create Celtic knotwork with Scarlett’s new designing template, the Magic Key. There are 3 Magic Keys, ranging from Basic to Intermediate and Advanced. Explore variations limited only by your imagination! See students' work in the Magic Key Gallery. The quilt shown in the middle is Could It Be Magic? and it was designed using the Magic Key and is available as a digital pattern. Full Line Stencils are now available for the Fire, Earth, Wind & Water blocks from Could It Be Magic? On the left is Infinity, which is the sample quilt for the Basic Celtic Design workshop and on the right is Oriental Interlace, which is the sample quilt for the Intermediate Celtic Design workshop.

This is a Design Workshop with demos of different methods of how to make bias tape.
1 day - 12” to 18” block design only (similar to the blocks in Could It Be Magic?)
2 day - design a small wallhanging (sample on the left - Infinity)
3 to 5 days - design a quilt with elaborate blocks, lattice and border (optional - sample on the right is Oriental Interlace)

Longer workshops would include making your own bias tape in the workshop as well as machine or hand appliqué instructions for your project.

Interlacing Lattice Workshop

Interlacing lattice from Could It Be Magic.    Interlacing Lattice from Crystallized Celtic.

Do you have pieced or appliquéd blocks that need something special? Perhaps a Celtic lattice or border would be the perfect thing! How to design and fit a Celtic border or sashing for that next quilt using Scarlett’s new technique. Two of Scarlett's quilts, Could It Be Magic? and Crystallized Celtic, are shown above as samples of how Interlacing Lattices look without any block designs in the way. Imagine your own blocks there!
This is a Design Workshop with demos of different methods of how to make bias tape.

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Celtic + Applique Workshops with Asian inspired designs

Exotic Peacock Workshop

Picture of the Exotic Peacock

 Scarlett's Asian inspired bias tape applique design has a wonderful modern look. This Exotic Peacock is shown on a 36" square background block. The workshop can be taught for either hand applique or machine applique. Each style of applique has a different technique for making the bias tape. This stunning design is available as a digital pattern.

Interlace Phoenix Workshop

Machine appliqued phoenix

This design is for an 18" block and uses 3/8" bias, so that the edges can be buttonhole stitched by hand or machine. This workshop can be taught for either hand or machine applique. Please choose your style of applique. This sample block is made with silk dupioni and is machine buttonhole stitched with gold metallic thread. This design is available as the Phoenix 1 digital pattern.

Interlaced Crane Workshop

Hand appliqued crane made with homemade fusible bias.    Small crane sample block

This 12" block design and can be made using two colors of bias strips. Insets are optional. This workshop can be taught for either hand applique or machine applique, each with the appropriate method for making your own bias tape. The sample block on the left is hand appliqued with 3/8" fusible bias made from two different fabrics and the sample block on the right is hand appliqued with gold and silver metallic readymade bias. To see students' blocks, click on the Interlaced Crane Gallery.

This crane design is one of three from the At the Water's Edge digital pattern.

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Classic Celtic Applique Workshops

Celtic Star Workshops

From a series of 12" Celtic designs by Scarlett Rose!

Learn Scarlett's method of making your own fusible bias using a fusible bias tape maker and fusible web tape. All the steps are covered in this workshop: complete bias strip layout before sewing, another way to transfer designs to background fabric and an easy method to make multiple tracings of the same block design. Several designs are shown below:

Camellian Star - A Celtic knot with a six point star and fussy cut insets. This workshop can be taught for either hand applique or machine applique, with several levels of difficulty, from beginner to Intermediate. Please visit the Celtic Star Gallery to see students' blocks.

Basic Celtic Star block  Celtic Star hand applique block  Celtic Star block

Camellian Star with five loops, rounded or pointed

The hand applique sample block on the left is made of cottons with an inset patch in the center and rounded loops. The hand applique sample in the middle is made with 3/8" and 1/2" bias, and pointed loops. The machine applique sample on the right is made of silk dupioni, wider widths of bias and is machine buttonhole stitched. This workshop can be taught for either hand applique or machine applique. Please choose the method of applique and it will include how to make your own bias tape with Scarlett's preferred technique.

To see students's blocks, please click on the Celtic Star Gallery. The block on the right is from A Celtic Star is Born, which is available as a digital pattern.

Two Day Celtic Rose Workshops

Celtic Rose block [Celtic Rose with pieced background] [Celtic Rose applique workshop]

Celtic Rose for Machine Applique, Hand Appliqued Celtic Rose with pieced background, Hand Appliqued Celtic Rose with dimensional flowers

This is an 18" applique block, used in these Celtic quilt patterns A Celtic Rose Garden, A Celtic Rainbow of Flowers and A Celtic Spring.  There are several variations of this block, each depending on the pattern and technique Scarlett used for the sample. The flowers can be dimensional and Scarlett will discuss other embellishments.   Variations in background fabrics and insets would greatly alter the appearance of this block. This is a complicated pattern and works best as a two day workshop. Students will be able to complete more of the block and have assistance for all the details if it is spread over the course of two days. Workshops for either of these two patterns: A Celtic Rainbow of Flowers or A Celtic Spring, are available as two or three day workshops. A Celtic Rose Garden is also available as an e-pattern.

Baskets: Celtic Style Workshops

Machine appliqued Celtic Basket block [Baskets: Celtic Style] Celtic Baskets block

Baskets: Celtic Style for Machine Applique, Hand Appliqued Baskets: Celtic Style, Baskets: Celtic Style for Machine Applique

On the left is Basket #11, with Block #13 and Flower #6 variation from Baskets: Celtic Style. The insets are machine pieced onto the background. In the center is a hand appliqued Celtic basket with insets. On the right is Basket #6, with Block #13 and Flower #6 variation. The fussy cut insets were machine pieced onto the background. Click on the Baskets Gallery to see pictures of students' blocks. There are lots of color choices shown!

This workshop uses patterns from Scarlett's second book, Baskets: Celtic Style.  How to make bias strips with several methods as well as more intricate interlacing is covered and design variations are discussed.

Picture of Block #3 from Celtic Style Floral Applique

Celtic Style Floral Applique

How to make bias strips and freezer paper applique for the flowers are covered. Discussion of possible variations. This Celtic block design is in the pattern Maryanne's Bouquet, which has a Celtic border adapted from the block design. Maryanne's Bouquet is available as a digital pattern. The original block design is from Scarlett's out of print book, Celtic Style Floral Applique.

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Paperpiecing Workshops

Choose from any of Scarlett's Celtic & More patterns for a class!

Hearts & Homes 5 and 6 paperpieced pattern.

New!Learn Scarlett's Modular Foundation Paper Piecing technique!  Her Hearts series of Homes, Trees and Yards block patterns are very versatile and allow for creativity in making a unique village, forest or fantasy home quilt.

Courthouse Steps, foundation pieced blocks for a hot pad, mug rug and coasters.

Courthouse Steps - Learn how to piece these 3" foundation pieced blocks using preprinted Fun-Dation, a lightweight and see through nonwoven product, which is left inside the project. From the class kit of 5 sheets, make a hotpad, mug rug and 4 coasters.

Follow The Wind, a flying geese foundation pieced pattern for 3" blocks.

Follow The Wind - Learn how to piece this 3" foundation piecing pattern using scrap triangles to make small projects.

[Double Wedding Ring paper piecing workshop]

Scarlett's Double Wedding Ring

This one of Scarlett's vintage quilt workshops.  It's a pattern that Scarlett designed so that the Double Wedding Ring can be paperpieced, using only straight seams and NO inset patches!  There are three different templates used in making a 12" block, which set together, creates the rings.  Very easy to figure different size quilts from this pattern- just multiples of 12" blocks, plus a 9" border.  Edges can be scalloped just by leaving off background fabric along the edge. Check out Scarlett's Double Wedding Ring Gallery to see students' blocks and quilts made from this pattern.

[Autumn Splendor paperpiecing workshop]

Autumn Splendor

This is a paperpieced, tessellating leaf design.  One leaf template works for all the leaves, it's the placement of fabrics that changes each leaf!  Easy to paper piece.  There are pictures of variations in the Autumn Splendor Gallery.

[An Ocean of Fishes paperpiecing workshop]

An Ocean of Fishes

In this workshop, students learn how to paper piece three sizes of fish: 3", 6" & 9".  Each fish is a different species as well!  Good basic templates, with variations - quick to learn how to piece. Please visit the Ocean Gallery.

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Other Applique Workshops

Silky Flowers Workshop

[Silky Flowers]

Hand Appliqued Silky Flowers

This workshop uses silky polyester fabrics to create three dimensional flowers with a very soft look. The background, fan and parts of the flower are made of cotton, with bead embellishments added.

Reverse Applique Workshop

[new applique cats block]  [Reverse Applique Cats]

Reverse Applique Cats

This workshop is learning reverse applique using a pattern for stylized cats.  The fabric chosen for the cat's body can really affect the look of the block.  Their tails are always on the move! In this sample, the cats are Siamese, but Scarlett has seen students use tiger stripes, leopard spots or batiks to create really wonderful cats.

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Please e-mail Scarlett if you think your guild, quilt shop or quilt conference might be interested in any of her workshops or lectures. Scarlett will gladly mail a brochure to your guild's workshop chairman or to you, if requested.

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