Crystallized Celtic pattern layouts

Here are some larger size quilt layouts for the Crystal block design from Crystallized Celtic pattern. These are four block layouts, but they could easily be adjusted for 4x6, 6x6, etc. by repeating the blocks as already shown.

Four blocks set on point.

Four pointed blocks set square. The large and small points overlap, making the bias continuous from one Crystal to another.

Four blocks on point.

Here are four blocks, with large pointed loops and small rounded loops, set on point so the large points overlap.

Four looped blocks set on point.

Four blocks with large round loops and small pointed loops set on point. Two fabrics used for background, 3 or 4 fabrics for insets.

Four double pointed blocks set on point.

Four double pointed, double bias outline blocks set on point. Two fabrics used for the background, three fabrics for insets.

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