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Revised September 13, 2013

More Celtic quilts made from Scarlett's designs! After looking at the pictures on this page, please visit  Celtic Quilters' Gallery page 5  for more quilts.

Nancy Ehinger of West Branch, Michigan chose the Celtic Wedding Rings design as the quilt that she wanted her friends to help make for her! This design is one that Scarlett drew up as a layout diagram only, since it is a larger, bed-sized version of the Celtic Medallion III digital pattern. Nancy's is the first finished quilt that Scarlett has seen from this diagram, which was titled the Celtic Wedding Rings, because of the circular lattice between the blocks. Here's a close up of the quilt, showing some of the fabulous hand quilting:

The mottled background fabric is wonderful! The colors Nancy chose for this design really make this quilt a knockout. Instead of Celtic block #1, Nancy used Celtic block #7 in her quilt.


[Rhapsody in Blue" 2001 Opportunity Quilt by the Foothill Quilters of Auburn, CA]

The Foothill Quilters Guild of Auburn, CA made a wonderful 2001 Opportunity Quilt called Rhapsody in Blue, measuring 87" x100" in size. It's a blue and white nine patch on point with a Celtic Border adapted from Scarlett's book Celtic Style Floral Appliqué.  The winner is a quilter from Granite Bay and is a member of the Folsom Guild.

[Quilters from Badlands Quilters Retreat in Medora, ND]

Here are some of Scarlett's Baskets: Celtic Style students from the Badlands Quilters Retreat in Medora, North Dakota. Scarlett taught three workshops at the Retreat in mid-October 2000 and had a lot of fun with this group of quilters.


[Judy's My Wild Irish Gummy Worm quilt]

My Wild Irish Gummy Worm
91" x 105"
Judy Cascarina of Dunsmuir, CA

This is the second large quilt that Judy has made that usesScarlett's Celtic designs.  This won Third Place in the hand appliquéd & hand quilted category at the NQA Show 2001 in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

She entered it in the Judged category of the Quilters' Sew-Ciety of Redding Quilt Show in 2000 and won first place!  Congratulations Judy!!

Here's a close-up of the center of her quilt:

[close-up of the center of Judy's quilt]

She did a great job adapting and changing Scarlett's Celtic designs to create a really dynamic center motif.

Blue Birds in the Celtic quilt by Friendship Quilters Guild of Dimmitt, Texas]

Blue Birds in the Celtic
2000 Donation Quilt for The Friendship Quilters Guild
of Dimmitt, Texas

Juried into the Houston International Quilt Festival, Nov.2-5, 2000 in the Group category.

[Joann Stuebing's quilt for her daughter]

Joann Stuebing of Grants Pass, OR, made this quilt for her daughter Carrielyn as a wedding present. It's hand appliquéd and hand quilted. It was completed in 1999 and is a bed size variation called Interlace on Point. The layout diagram and templates for Interlace on Point are included in Celtic Medallion I digital pattern.


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