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Revised September 13, 2013

Here are Celtic quilts from 1999 and earlier.

[Martha Beymer's wallhanging]

Martha Beymer entered this wallhanging in the 1999 Trinity Country fair, held in Hayfork, CA.  She took a class from Scarlett some years ago and finally finished her project.

[Patty Oliver-Matz's Quilt]

Symphony - Patty Oliver-Matz's Quilt
Weaverville, CA
27" x 27"

Patty made this quilt for a challenge that her guild did.  She used the block from Scarlett's class for the center and created her own border.  Buy the Symphony digital pattern!


Krys Munzing of Reno, Nevada, took a Celtic Appliqué workshop from Scarlett back in 1996.  Here’s the pillow that resulted from that class:

Krys gave this pillow to Elizabeth.

[Light A Penny Candle]

Light A Penny Candle
by Lynn Scoby of Seattle, WA
72" x 112"

This quilt has blocks that were designed by Philomena Durcan from her book Celtic Quilt Designs.  Lynn decided to use one of Scarlett's borders from her first book, Celtic Style Floral Applique, to finish off this quilt.  The Celtic border is also available in the Celtic Medallion IV digital pattern.

[Judy Cascarina's quilt]

Celtic and Flowers
88" x 103"

Judy Cascarina of Dunsmuir, CA made this quilt using the block designs from Scarlett's first book, Celtic Style Floral Applique.  The Celtic border is in Celtic Medallion III digital pattern.  The lattice between the blocks Judy designed herself.


[Red Sails In The Sunset]

Red Sails In The Sunset
by Lynn Scoby of Seattle, WA
20" x 20"

This wallhanging was made using block #14 from Baskets: Celtic Style appliquéd on top of thirty-seven 3" hexagons.  It is a challenge entry for a competition in Japan, where it was on tour for a while. Some of the fabrics were provided and Lynn added some.  Lynn's e-mail address is: Lscoby@juno.com

A finished class project!

[Fran Rufener's pillow]

Fran Rufener of Cool, CA sent this photo of her finished project.  She took Scarlett's class in Auburn, CA in 1998.

[picture of Laurie's quilt]

Laurie Short's Quilt

This picture was taken at the Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding show in September 1998.  This quilt that uses the same Spools and Shuttles blocks that Scarlett has in her Retreat Three Medallion pattern.  Laurie Short arranged four retreats over several years.  They had a lot of fun and sewed, sewed, sewed!  Scarlett was glad to see another quilt finished using the blocks that had been sewed at the third retreat. Scarlett has all four of these retreat quilts finished!

If you were looking at the Retreat Three Medallion quilt and came to see the variation, click on Retreat Three Medallion to return to that page.

[Pam Davis' block for a block contest]

Pam Davis of Weiser, Idaho made this block for the 1998 Quilt Block Contest "Willowood" by the East of The Cascades Quilters.  They had a list of rules to follow and fabric that had to be used.  There were five prints and the majority of the block had to be made using them. Scarlett saw the finished blocks on display at the Sisters, Oregon show in July, 1998.

[Nellie Mueller's class sample t-shirt]

Nellie Mueller of Pacific, Missouri wrote to ask Scarlett's permission to use one of her block designs for a class she was going to teach at a quilt shop.  This is the sample she sent Scarlett so she could see what Nellie had in mind.  Scarlett really appreciated Nellie contacting her before the class and asking for Scarlett's approval before she used Scarlett's pattern to teach a class!

Please do this if you are planning to use anyone else's patterns in your classes. It's the right thing to do!

[Rose's Basic Applique sample]

Rose Marie Straw's finished wallhanging, made with the block from Scarlett's basic appliqué class.  Return to Samples if you just came to this page to see this wallhanging.

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